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The destruction of the Sodomites ...

Editor's note: I posted this yesterday because I was struck by the story of a desecration of a sanctuary in Ireland, gay sex on the altar, and the irony of a story of a Belgian Cardinal suggesting that Catholic teaching needs to change regarding same sex couples and sexual activity in stable relationships.  Yesterday was First Friday and it seemed to me the desecration needed reparation.  It also reminded me of the French Revolution when a prostitute was celebrated upon the altar in Notre Dame.  I found it rather disturbing and even foreboding.

The statement by the Cardinal, if accurate, directly contradicted Catholic teaching which clearly states homosexual acts can never be approved.  Letters to the bishops from the CDF have gone to great lengths to explain all of that in minute detail.  Pope Francis himself does not approve of gay marriage - he's been quite clear on that.  The Belgian Cardinal is not suggesting gay marriage of course, but he is open to the possibility homosexual acts can be approved between same sex couples.  That can never happen.

The juxtaposition of that news coupled with the homosexual acts on the altar and before the tabernacle, is not without significance, BTW.  It seems clear to me that those who desecrated the sanctuary did so to symbolize the intent of gay activists demanding the approval of homosexual acts.  It is a sacrilege similar the the ACT-UP desecration of the Eucharist at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan several years ago.

The following is my original post with Church Militant links removed.*
The destruction of the Sodomites ... Not in the sense one might imagine.
I just read a piece on FB about a parish in Ireland called St. Bartholomew's wherein young men filmed themselves engaged in sex with a man dressed as a priest.  They were on the altar in front of the tabernacle.  Earlier today I read that Cardinal De Kesel of Belgium, believes the Church needs to change her teaching on homosexuality and that gay sex could be permissible between committed same sex couples. 
"Take Lot's wife as an example, because she was troubled at the destruction of the Sodomites and turned her head to watch what was happening, God punished her by converting her into a pillar of salt. You are thus to understand God's will: that even though you live among devils you should not turn the head of your thoughts to their affairs, but forget these things entirely and strive to keep your soul occupied purely and entirely in God, and not let the thought of this thing or that hinder you from doing so." - St. John of the Cross

*Nota bene:  I'm not a follower or supporter of Church Militant and I disagree with their editorial policies of criticizing and condemning bishops and priests who they label dissident.  I also disagree with some of their journalistic tactics.  Nevertheless, on occasion they provide a service and the revelations by Michael Voris of his past difficulties with sexuality is an important contribution to the conversion stories of gay men who hope to live a chaste and celibate life in accord with Catholic teaching.

I came across a decent presentation by Voris on the subject of homosexuality, and there were points I agreed with in it.  The episode was titled "The Gay Mind".  I disliked the bishop/priest bashing, but Voris made some decent remarks about the genesis of homo-ness.  It occurred to me that he and I might have had similar experiences in that area, and that, to be honest is why I think what he says is helpful for others seeking reconciliation with the Church.  Anyway, this is what I wrote on my FB share of Voris' video:

Works for me. All except for the bishops are evil bit. Oh, and the gay priests bit. We know that many have been ordained who have never acted out or even encouraged the behaviors associated with being gay. We know that some men never really experienced homosexual attraction until well into adulthood - after ordination.  We know that bishops and cardinals still ordain men who are gay - or identify as SSA - in or out of Courage. We know all cannot accept Voris' explanation of the genesis of homosexuality - but his personal testimony works for me - or coincides with my own experience. That said, Catholic teaching works exceptionally well for me. Not everyone can be convinced of it however. - Me

I simply propose and wouldn't think of imposing or demanding anyone agree with me.  I don't preach - I live my life.  Since being online I have met people that do preach and impose, some fruitcakes and some who work in ministry, often proposing Courage as the only Catholic way.  The 'can't say 'gay' bullshit' is a stupid hoop that makes gay Catholics look and sound completely nuts to non-Catholics.  There is so much misinformation swirling online about homosexuality and queer people that it is almost impossible to post about it without writing a lengthy treatise.  It is an extremely divisive subject which gets complicated by little-old-lady, celibate-consecrated-virgins, and former ssa religious directors and family council members who seek to impose strict guidelines on how other people are supposed to live.

The upshot is some of the very unstable individuals leave the Catholic Church for the Episcopalians, others double down in strict pious exercises after every fling into porn, binging and anonymous sex, until the 'juices' start flowing again and they fall off the wagon only to sober back up and make application to some monastery or abbey because they think that will save them.  In other words, gay-Catholics and their 'rule writers' tend to make the Church and and ordinary life impossible for many otherwise good people.  They are like dry drunks and busy-bodies measuring the orthodoxy of one another and this or that priest.  I think it is why hard-line Traditionalists Conservative politics is so attractive to them.

Nothing personal to anyone who reads me, but this is what I mean when I say I am tired of gay people and their bullshit - Catholic or not.  No one is forcing anyone to be gay or Catholic.  If you're gay - so what?  If you are Catholic - be devout, frequent the sacraments, pray, and mind your own business.  And quit looking for affirmation and praise and people to congratulate you.

Works for me.



  1. Kurt Vonnegut wrote in Slaughterhouse 5 that he loved Lot's wife for this. He observed it is so human to look. As for the rest of it. Just evil and sick and no one should look. Poor souls indeed.

  2. Very irresponsible post. Quoting anything by Church Militant is dangerous. They have a firm agenda to cause division by destroying the reputations of church hierarchy through lies and manipulation of the truth. There is s reason why Voris is banned from Catholic events. Even in the article you referred to it says, “The allegation, however, remains anonymous and has not yet been verified.“ Why do you give this credence when you don’t know where it came from?

    As far as the Cardinal is concerned, you give no sources and I don’t find this story anywhere. Unless you can cite a credible, reliable source, you should not be writing about this.

    I am sorry if this is coming across as rude but I really expect better from you, Terry. This is the kind of stuff I see on other blogs and websites but I don’t expect to see it here.

    1. I edited it to make it clearer why I wrote this. Thanks again for your good rebuke.

    2. Dear CIB,

      Re:"Unless you can cite a credible, reliable source, you should not be writing about this."

      Please see Terry's following post: "who told you that?"

      YOUR Father Martin is a good source on all things homosexual and he is Terry's source.

      Also re: your paradigm that Michael-Voris-is-wrong-on-something,-therefore-he-is-wrong-in-all-things and that Terry must only listen to and read things you and he agree with......that's a recipe for living in an echo chamber. Modern parlance calls this seeking 'confirmation bias'.

      Maybe you should reconsider your approach?

  3. Wow thanks I'll use that quote from St John


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