Saturday, March 17, 2018

Asking prayers for my friend Larry

My friend Larry Damico seems to be 'transitioning' in his last days. His daughter posted a note saying as much on his Caring Bridge site. Please pray for him - and his family of course. This is the summit of one's earthly life, so to speak. It's an awesome moment. It is an honor and a great act of charity to assist, to tend to the dying. I can only do so in prayer, and feeling inadequate at that, I ask my online friends who don't really know Larry to join me in prayer for him now, in these last days. Thank you.


  1. Be assured of my prayers for your friend, dear Terry. I'm asking Saint Joseph to accompany your friend during this time as well.

  2. Will do, Terry.

  3. St Joseph, enfold Larry in your arms and bring home to Jesus and Mary. Thank you, dear father and friend.

    1. Thanks Fr. - he was in seminary with Cardinal Cupich. Larry didn't go on for ordination, but I'm told they remain friends. Larry married and has a family, his wife died young, and he raised the kids on his own. He taught high school English, was active in theater and music, as well as the Lutheran church. His family is very close and supportive. I pray to OL of Knots to help him now. Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Praying for your friend.

  5. Larry is very close now.

  6. "It is an honor and a great act of charity to assist, to tend to the dying." Oh so very true. It's agony in those moments but such a sweet privilege. Prayers offered for the holy angels to surround Larry, perseverance in grace, and pleading for Christ's mercy.


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