Sunday, January 28, 2018

Moved to compunction.

The only one to care for St. Roch
was a stray dog...

I'm not sure why I busy myself with the affairs of others.  It shouldn't preoccupy me.

For instance, I really do not need to defend the pope or criticize his detractors.  How does it affect my life that people chase after their 'tales' that way?  Why should it?

Why do I concern myself with what is true or false regarding locutions and apparitions and so on?  I think I do that in part because I have an interest in such things and there have been crazy interpretations floating around which I don't support, but to dwell on these issues seems vain.  No one really cares about what I have to say anyway.  Likewise, true or false, their effect upon the spiritual life is transitory, as they should be.

And politics?  What can I say?  No matter what, you lose friends.

So I need to pull back a bit.  I need to concentrate upon my conversion, and prepare for death, as it were.  I need greater compunction.  As the Imitation counsels: "Busy not yourself with other men's affairs, nor entangle yourself with the causes of great people."


  1. Seems like a sensible plan Terry. It is healthy to pull back and reflect. I think many people are exhausted from are over Information Age. We know so much about everyone and so little of ourselves.

    1. Not always easy to leave the stage... James Brown, Please, Please, Please...

  2. "Why do I concern myself with what is true or false regarding locutions and apparitions and so on?" I can totally relate! I have the same peeves... I have a pretty similar personality. You actually inspired me to start blogging again (I stopped years back because of work obligations). I wouldn't pull back. You're inspiring people to think about things, which isn't spiritually detrimental. It is not wrong to disagree when one does so with kindness and charity. Is it spiritually wise to stop seeking truth?

    Would you mind checking out my stuff? There might be some stuff of interest to you in the future:


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