Monday, January 29, 2018

Creepy Catholic

I have a friend who has a site with a different name, but I always get mixed up and search for 'Creepy Catholic' before I realize that's not the name of his site.  LOL!

Anyway.  I think most Catholic sites are getting creepy, so I think it's more than a Freudian slip thing going on.  What?

Palmarian Pope

And then there is the Palmarian Church. 

I have had commenters who followed it at one time or another.  Baysiders seemed to have been attracted as well. So crazy. Some of these people 'infect' other trad groups with similar propaganda, which influences the more radical among them. Talk about the devil/smoke of Satan infiltrating the Church.  Anyway - a friend sent me a link to Damien Thompson's article on Dan Brown's new novel, which just happens to coincide with the title of my post.  Enjoy.
Dan Brown’s new target? The creepy Catholic sect with its very own pope and ‘Vatican’
Like most apocalyptic groups, the Palmarian church is quick to adjust the deadline when the end time fails to begin ... Read more at The Spectator

Gloriously reigning from his mom's house.


  1. No red shoes? Must be fake!

    1. Haha - he shown in another photo with a black cassock which hits about mid-calf. Secular casual clothes beneath. LOL!

  2. Shouldn't he be in his mom's basement? What?

  3. That is crazy stuff!!!! It does seem that religion as moving to the fringes. Scary!

  4. It was am interesting, but sad, documentary. Poor guy... He doesn't seem to have malcontent, he's just malcontent and, sadly, disordered in thought (as to where that falls on a spectrum, I don't know),


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