Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day on the same day - oh my!

Who cares?

Celebrate Carnaval on Tuesday instead of celebrating Valentine's Day then.  Is Valentine's Day a holiday now?  How dumb.  It's pretend - it's a Hallmark holiday. 

Oh wait.  Catholics must give up chocolate for Lent - like no meat on Friday.  The bishops need to declare a dispensation then, just like they do when St. Patrick's Day falls on Friday in Lent.  How dumb.


  1. How giving up chocolate ever brought anyone closer to God is beyond me. That's how I figure out what I'm doing for Lent. Will it bring me closer to Him? If so, then that's something I can do. I also don't overload myself with extras. Getting by on 3 hours of sleep and night and dining on one prune a day and putting frozen peas in my left shoe are missing the point.

  2. Hey Terry, I just referenced and gave a shout out to your blog

    "One of my favourite blogs is the lesser known Abbey Roads, written by Terry Nelson. I don’t always agree with his views, but I tend to and he always has an interesting and balanced perspective while he often raises point I haven’t considered. A couple of days ago he posted an article which brought my attention to ‘Pope Michael’… Pope Michael of Delia, Kansas."


  3. My bishop was imported from Slovakia and had no idea why he was asked to give a dispensation from fasting from meat on a Friday in November. Because Thanksgiving is new to him, he was unaware that it was an act of mercy.


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