Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mass chat: The children's teeth are on edge.

The power of silence.

Pope Francis' correctio of Cardinal Sarah.

As Fr. Z might say - it's a dust up, not to worry.  Although it is sure to to become a big storm within the 'remnant'.  I picked up the story from Fr. Martin:
Breaking: In an extraordinary public correction, Pope Francis has corrected Cardinal Robert Sarah on a statement that Sarah recently made contradicting the Pope on the liturgy. 
In what Massimo Faggioli calls a "paternal correction," the Pope reaffirms that, as he said in his motu proprio, authority for liturgical translations rests with local bishops conferences. (Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, had recently said that what the Pope said does not apply.) - Fr. Martin
Fr. Z points out it isn't really a correction of the Cardinal but a request for him to correct a “Commentaire”, wrongly attributed to the Cardinal.  The Holy Father concludes by recognizing the Cardinal for his good work (diligence) in bringing the matter to the Pope's attention and thanking him.

Works for me.

The Ordinary Form is Holy.

This weekend another priest from the seminary had Mass at my parish.  He's one of my favorite priests in the Archdiocese.  Wonderful guy.  His homily was 'firey' - all about the love of God and our rendering to God what is God's in and through Holy Mass.  I can tell this priest prays, and prays the Mass.  I won't say anything more on that however.

It is a scandal to me how Catholics not only malign the Holy Father, but denigrate the Mass as well.  Especially the Ordinary Form - which is the ordinary form for Holy Mass in the Latin rite.  Some even suggesting it is a diabolic deception.  So now, I am certain, they will say the Holy Father, in his correction of Cardinal Sarah is bent upon destruction of the Sacred Liturgy.  Their 'teeth are on edge'.

I came across a post from Michael Matt of The Remnant.  He is descendant from The Wanderer newspaper which has pretty much always been a stronghold of conservatism and resistance to the 'spirit of Vatican II'.  'They' were not wrong about that, but they were frequently without 'charity' in their 'resistance'.  Only recently has that segment turned hostile and vindictive, at times, resisting Peter to his face.  Readers know what I'm talking about here.  I think a 'correctio' for these groups would be fitting.

To see how far they have come in their resistance astonished me.  I knew individuals formed themselves on private revelations and spurious interpretations of apparitions and mystical writings such as those from Bl. Catherine Emmerich, but I didn't think they could be as literal about it as they seem to be.  I came upon the following from Michael Matt in an introduction to a post  suggesting Cardinal Burke as the 'new apologist for sedevacantists'.  (LOL!)  The criticism of the Ordinary Form of Mass is shameful, to say the least.

We were warned that these days were forthcoming. Well now they’ve arrived, and the question is: Are we up to the challenge to keep the faith in spite of them? For us it is important to recall that the forces of darkness have tried and failed to crush the Bride of Christ outright, and that out of that failure a new and even more diabolically clever strategy seems to be emerging—to leave the Church standing but to infiltrate her, as Pope Pius X predicted they’d do. “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church,” predicted Our Lady of Akita, as well. And so gathered here behind enemy lines, in occupied territory, we’re up against Luciferian deception where there are no easy answers and no easy way out.
So rather than outlawing the Catholic Mass (as they did so often in history), for example, they "reformed" it this time. And their New Mass is a disastrous novelty that may nevertheless retain its technical validity—with Christ truly present to be reviled, ignored, effectively mocked on Novus tables just as He was on Calvary’s Cross. It may be tempting in the face of such devastating sacrilege to stand up and denounce all New Masses as “invalid”. But are they? Sacrilege does not guarantee invalidity, and to suggest that it does may well be to miss the more horrific point of what’s really going on here. (Nor does mere technical validity translate to mean that we have a moral right to expose ourselves or our children to something that has done so much documented damage throughout the world to the belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.) Retaining technical validity may well be Satan’s masterstroke, for if the abuse-ridden New Mass is invalid then only mere bread and wine are being ignored, abused, reviled or in some other way disrespected. Would the Father of Lies settle for that?  
And so too with the Pope—if only it were true that Francis is not the pope! But what if the diabolical nature of the crisis at hand is to be found in the very fact that he is, despite the myriad scandals? In the face of the growing scandal, it’s understandable that some want to proclaim Peter’s chair empty but, again, would the Father of Lies settle for that, or would he demand the real thing to hold up in triumph before the Face of Christ Crucified? In his pride, would Lucifer settle for some harlot imposter, propped up in the place of Christ’s spotless bride? These are the questions that must be discussed. And, of course, since diabolical disorientation impacts each and every one of us, we could certainly be wrong in how we see it all. But what is not up for debate is this: When we “defend” Pope Francis as a valid pope (as John Salza does in the following article) we are not defending his multitudinous scandals. In fact, it would be so much easier for us to simply announce he’s lost his office. But we believe that he has not, and that's the problem! - Michael Matt

Michael Matt is getting as strange as Ann Barnhardt.  They use 'Biblical prophetic' language and private revelation quite well to support their claims, but the Pope is the final authority. 
The Pope, Bishop of Rome and Peter's successor, "is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful." "For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered." - CCC 832


  1. Long dead Jesuits have always said that three things are necessary for the Mass

    1. Consecration
    2. Oblation
    3. Communion.

    All else in the Mass is for the benefit of the faithful to help them with devotion.

    The long dead Jesuits compared the Prayers of the Mass to a Tree - when you remove the bark leaves flowers from the tree it makes it difficult for the Tree to bare fruit.

    Same goes for the Mass when strip 80% from the Mass it makes it difficult to bare spiritual fruit.

    1. Both the New Mass and Old Mass are True Masses - you can be distracted in both Masses.

  2. I for one look forward to more garbage, inaccurate translations that actually obscure what the ordinary form of the Roman Rite actually says in its normative Latin form. My favourite part of the old English translation was when whole phrases were simply left out. That made the experience for the laity so much more prayerful and holy. Luckily we now have a new moto proprio to roll back all of those pharisaical rules in ancient, hidebound documents like Liturgiam Authenticam.

  3. I'm in a dissident group of one. Not on the Mass.
    I think the last three Popes were/are all bizarre and erroneous on the death penalty and UN data supports me. Catholic northern Latin Amerca from Brazil to Mexico is non death penalty and has the highest murder rates in the world of any large region. East Asia with millions of poor also like Brazil et death penalty dominant and the safest area on earth in terms of criminal murder.
    And the catechism's description of modern prisons being safe is a joke.....from Brazil to Mexico. Google Brazil prisons...then click images. Go to youtube and type in...Mexican prison murder. The Popes have gone euro bubble on the topic. Europe does have safe prisons because Europe has no post imperialism poor people or cartels...nor do they have post slavery poor. I'm done. Must exercise now.

  4. Just venerated a relic of St John Paul II today, a goal of his blood from his assassination attempt. It was in DC - they have a very nice shrine there, as well as an exhibit, where I learned about his life. Some unfortunate themed chasubles from his world tours were there, too, but I didn’t mind too much.

    I do love his call in Ecclesia de Eucharistica to behold the Eucharistic Face of Christ. There is something about the Face of Christ that changes you. You can’t hide in front of him, and provided you persist in spending time with him, he does quiet little things in your soul that you can’t quite put into words - well, besides love.

    I still don’t know what to “make” of this all, not that I have to other than to submit to the Pope and to my local ordinary and to believe in all the Holy Catholic Church teaches as revealed by God. Thank goodness for that freedom of submission. I spent too long raised a Protestant and the Petrine principle of unity is what drew me home. I am also fortunate to live in a great diocese.

    I wonder, would I have been silent when they were tearing down the old altars and statues and altar rails? I don’t know.

    It’s true that one can fail to avail oneself of many fruits of the liturgy, old and new. One only has to fail to make room for God the rest of the week.

    1. (different Michael than above poster btw...)

  5. One of these Michaels must be an imposter! What?

    1. There are actually 3 Michaels commenting.

    2. Kind of just started commenting on sites...thought maybe to put my site name under my comments as a sort of signature since I can't get the "reply as wordpress" button to work nor blogger to be subtle, and I did that a few times, but then it started to imagine that people could treat it as part of the comment. But maybe I'll go back to doing that.

    3. Welcome! terry has created a cozy niche for some of us who fled other sites that were/are too toxic.

      Look forward to reading your commentary with the hope of a balanced view on all things that are important: the Pope, the Church, the world, a good sense of humor, and first and foremost, love of God and neighbor.

      Some of us (me!) bluff our way through sometimes (many times!) using poor grammar (and getting called out on it ^^) bad language, troll tactics, and downright solid Catholic indignation! (>x<)


  6. After Pope Benedict XVI, the man whom I admire most in the world is Cardinal Robert Sarah. I urge everyone to read his books, "God or Nothing" and "The Power of Silence". Cardinal Sarah is a man of holiness and deep prayer who is steeped in the Scriptures and who has suffered for the Lord. And by suffering I don't just mean the unjust barbs he receives from critics within the Church. Cardinal Sarah had to deal with the brutal dictator Sékou Touré who, documents reveal, planned to execute the Cardinal. Only Touré's untimely death prevented the execution.

    1. I love Card. Sarah as well - he's very saintly. Thanks.


      Why do folks write this kind of sensationalist stuff as if it is fact? As if the Holy Father had breathlessly revealed his intentions and is out to get the Holy Cardinal?

      I hope Cardinal Sarah perseveres since the last thing I want to see is a "liberal/feminist/progressive/inclusive" translation of any sacred text having to do with the liturgy.

      I lived through that before here in some parishes in Los Angeles and did not like it especially under Roger Mahoney.

    3. Gracias a Dios, others reporting on this so-called "dust up" are at least trying to report it without injecting their own personal dislike of Papa Francis or his papacy.


      The Santa Ana winds are back in town looking to wreck havoc on my home front so please pray for us they don't bring any matches cause if they do, we are in big trouble.


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