Wednesday, August 02, 2017

St. Catherine of Siena called the Pope 'babbo'.

St. Catherine of Siena before Pope Gregory XI by Giovanni Pellegrini.

I like that.
Ah, my dear babbo, see that you attend to these things! Look for good virtuous men, and put them in charge of the little sheep. Such men will feed in the mystic body of holy Church not as wolves but as lambs. It will be for our good and for your peace and consolation, and they will help you to carry the great burdens I know are yours. It seems to me, gracious father, that you are like a lamb among wolves. But take heart and don't be afraid, for God's providential help will always be with you. Don't be surprised even though you see a great deal of opposition, and see that human help is failing us, and that those who should be helping us most disappoint us and act against us. Don't be afraid, but even more self-confident; don't give up or restrain your sweet holy desire, but let it be more enkindled with each day that passes. - St. Catherine
I still can't believe there are Catholics who persist in condemning our Holy Father.

Good, faithful, devout Catholics condemn and mock the Holy Father and say and print all sorts of evil things about him.  They mock every pronouncement, every appointment, every action.  That is protestant, that is schismatic.  (Schism leads almost invariably to denial of the papal primacy.)  And many of them profit from this - many ask donations to support their sites and work.  Lovers of money:  "Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so they also oppose the truth—people of depraved mind, unqualified in the faith."

"What the devil can't do himself he does by using other people. He takes up his position on the tongues and in the hearts of his servants and before their mind's eye. He makes them see what doesn't exist. So they conceive within their hearts all sorts of evil thoughts and resentments regarding their neighbors - often regarding those they most love." - S. Catherine of Siena
"Even if [the Pope an incarnate devil], we ought not to raise up our heads against him, but calmly lie down to rest on his bosom... He who rebels against our Father is condemned to death, for that which we do to him we do to Christ: we honor Christ if we honor the Pope; we dishonor Christ if we dishonor the Pope." - S. Catherine of Siena


  1. Babbo Francisco ... I like. I like him too and pray for him rather than be like those "Good, faithful, devout Catholics who condemn and mock the Holy Father and say and print all sorts of evil things about him" (your words)

    I refuse to have anything to do with that. I will pray instead and for them too.

  2. I do love a sensible blog post! Not that they aren't always...but this one is particularly so!

  3. If St. Catherine walked the earth today she would be standing with those who rightly criticize Francis. She did not tolerate the teaching of heresy or the support of sin.

  4. Since I read this I keep hearing Yogi Bear in my head: "Hey, Booboo!" What does that say about me?


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