Thursday, August 03, 2017

I just found out the Marian Movement of Priests still exists.

Although I've always had my doubts about Fr. Gobbi's locutions.

Not that it matters what I think about them, but I didn't realize the MMP is still around and very faithful to the original consecration dictated by Gobbi.  Especially as it concerns the 'confusion in the Church' and fidelity to the Holy Father.

There are those who have doubts about the Pope’s teachings because of what is reported by the secular and even sometimes by the Catholic media. We are not to let ourselves be influenced by what the Pope might say during an impromptu interview. The Pope is infallible only when speaking ex cathedra (with Papal authority, from the Chair of Peter). I encourage you to read and meditate upon his original texts, not relying on other sources. We must warn all those who reject Pope Francis that they are in danger of heresy and are cutting themselves off from the Catholic faith. They increase the sorrow of Our Blessed Mother.
“Those will never fall who are always with the Pope.” (#106p)
Pope Francis and Mercy
I am saddened when I hear of those who do not support the Holy Father’s efforts to reach out to all sinners. Why is it that the same ones who espouse the message of Divine Mercy, as given to St. Faustina, do not accept Jesus’ embrace to sinners as exhibited by Pope Francis? At the beginning of his Papacy, he invited everyone to be sorry for their sins and to go to confession. He knows that all humanity, like the prodigal son, must come back to the Father before it is too late.
During this Year of Mercy, the Pope has been emphasizing a frequent theme of his – that no one can be excluded from God’s mercy. During his homily at the Mass during which he announced the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, he said, “I frequently have thought about how the church can make more evident its mission to be a witness of mercy.” According to St. Paul, Mercy is the highest attribute of God. Remember that the Blessed Mother promised that her Triumph will coincide with the Triumph of Divine Mercy! We should see a correlation. - Fr. Francis Geremia - 2016 Letter

Works for me.  (Although I'm not a follower.)


  1. I am somewhat amazed that the MMP is still going even after the huge FLOP of Fr Gobbi's Year 2,000 100% certified "Return of Jesus"...and then his attempt to explain why it did not happen (in scenarios and terms opposed to the Catechism, Bible and Fathers).

  2. Oh I found a link to a pretty trustworthy Catholic site that explains the MMP/Fr. Gobbi situation...though it looks like it was written prior to the 2,000 FLOP.

    1. Yeah - those predictions which fizzled led me to stop paying attention as well - somehow I think either as Cardinal Ratzinger or as Pope, Benedict at one time suggested the locutions/revelations were the product of his personal meditations. Either Ratzinger or someone, some allocution from someone at the CDF made such a statement. Which leads me back to what John of the Cross says about the misinterpretation of locutions. The people who try to explain the why and wherefore something missed often make it worse and cause the entire message to be discredited.

      Anyway - I just posted this because at least as of last year these people remain in support of the Pope.

  3. They still support our Holy Father and keep their personal opinions to themselves. I am on their mailing list and have yet to read anything negative. They encourage folks to pray for our Holy Father and for the Universal Church.

    I was a member long ago, attended the cenacles and had an opportunity to meet Father Gobbi when he came to the old San Gabriel Mission. The place was so packed my friend and I could not find a place to sit. While my friend and I were looking around for a place to sit, an usher had us sit up front by the altar next to where Father Gobbi was gonna speak! I had such a good chuckle over that little blessing and told my friend that "our Lord has a wonderful sense of humor since we got the best seat in town." ^^

    Father Gobbi was gracious, funny, pious and portly. I liked him but lost interest after his predictions were unfounded and his locutions/revelations said to be a product of his imagination/personal meditations.

    May he rest in peace.


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