Saturday, August 05, 2017

Many people mistake discernment with fault finding.

I love this photo because it reminds me
of when I was praying at Our Lady's altar
in the empty church in the gymn
at my grade school.

A note to self.

It seems to me, that in their discernment process, not a few devout Catholics seem to spend a lot of their time studying other Catholics, looking for any chink in their armor, any fault or indication something is morally wrong with them.  Like the Pharisees, they look for ways to entrap others they don't understand or happen to disagree with, while they sift and strain every word, every action, in order to condemn.  Today some Catholics do this not only to one another, they do it to the Pope.
What each man can change, first of all is himself. And each will have - indeed, must have - some influence on the people God brings into his life each day. He is expected to be a Christian, to influence them for good. He will in some small way at least touch their lives too, and it is in that touching that God will hold him responsible for the good or ill he does. In that simple truth lies the key to any understanding of the mystery of divine providence and ultimately of each man's salvation. " - He Leadeth Me

 *Photo note:  That was when some kids shouted out at me from the second floor, "Your dad is a jailbird!"  I learned early what it is like to be judged by others.


  1. Note taken! New hero for the Rad Trads is Duterte see Canon212:

    "New York Times backs anti-Duterte Philippine FrancisChurch"

    "Vatican's La Stampa: Duterte phenomena sees a God who eradicates evil, rather than one who 'redeems the FrancisWicked' see?"

    Sometimes is warranted.

    To stop others from following morons down a dangerous path.

    Duerte is an APOSTATE but Rad Trads take his side? The same Rad Trads who attack Pope Francis.

    Dutere also murdered 6000 Catholics - because they were druggies etc.....

  2. Were I one who did not believe then came looking for God and seeking salvation, I would not seek anyone who claimed to be a "devout Catholic" while they lack charity/respect towards their Spiritual Leader.

    I would seek people of vibrant faith, people of charity who encourage prayer, devotion to God, love of neighbor. I would study their example ... and if they live the faith that they profess and share this faith with others in charity and in hope, then I have been found.

    Bashing others who disagree with you, slander, innuendo, smear tactics and odious gossip about Papa Francis is tiresome, tedious and a credibility loser.

    Lord Jesus!
    Have mercy on us my Lord because we really cannot begin to realize the damage we are doing to your body, the Church as a whole.

    I don't care how many times we are told or read they are devout, you start or end with pope bashing/ridiculing, you lose credibility and are but a clanging bell, an empty vessel.


    I seem to recall he told the Bishops to go "H E double toothpicks" did he not? Another man who suffers from self-importance that I will do my best to pray for. Ay Diosito! Ayudame San Jose!

    1. Gee willikers, Terry! I am way off topic sorta, maybe. ^^) Perdon y gracias!

  3. Yaya, best comment EVER!

  4. Terry, as a Catholic who loves Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, *and* Pope Francis, I find that increasingly, there are fewer and fewer Catholic blogs which encourage, rather than dishearten, me. Thank you for being a voice of encouragement.

    1. Thanks very much. I sincerely see a consistency with Pope Francis - hermeneutic continuity, if you will, although that appears to unacceptable to critics as well. Whenever I have a misunderstanding, it seems to be related to the chatter on social media or bad reporting. So - I'm not pretending to be positive about the Pope. God bless you!


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