Thursday, July 13, 2017

Voris and Church Militant may be headed for some sort of censure?

“There is not a commandment of God 
which dancing does not cause men to break ..."
- St. John Vianney

Banned from Catholic Convocations.

Now Voris and Church Militant have caught the attention of Rome - Voris and CM were barred from the recent July 1-4 “Convocation of Catholic Leaders” sponsored by the U.S. bishops in Orlando, Florida.  Now they are accused of “Catholic Integralism.”  Kinda, sorta.
Since the election of Francis, Spadaro has often been seen at his side, and has published interviews with the pope and transcriptions of some of the pontiff’s private encounters with members of religious orders. Figueroa, a Presbyterian pastor, is an old friend of the pope, and was personally chosen by Francis to head up the new Argentinian edition of the L’Osservatore Romano, which began publishing in December 2016. 
In the article, the authors directly attack Church Militant, a conservative digital media company covering Catholic issues run by layman Michael Voris.Spadaro and Figueroa claim the organization favors “shocking rhetoric” and “uses Christian symbols to impose itself.” (Voris and other personnel from Church Militant were recently asked to leave a July 1-4 “Convocation of Catholic Leaders” sponsored by the U.S. bishops in Orlando, Florida, based on conduct convocation organizers regarded as disruptive.) 
In the article, the authors give a brief history of American fundamentalism, as well as other conservative evangelical movements such as proponents of the prosperity Gospel and “dominionism,” which seeks to establish government based upon “biblical law.”
The article says these fundamentalist groups see the United States to be a nation blessed by God, and in recent years have “demonized” their enemies. - Crux

In the last few days 1P5 has also been called out for fake news on Cardinal Müller.

The cardinal was "flabbergasted to read this description of his meeting with the Pope", Horst writes, quoting Cardinal Müller as stating: "This is incorrect". In fact, the whole meeting had run very differently Cardinal Müller asserted, and the claims made by the "anonymous German source" were quite false. The comments echo a brief email sent by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, to both One Peter Five and Marco Tosatti yesterday. In it, Burke states that the claimed "reconstruction is totally false" and requests that the story be updated. - Source

Unfortunately 1P5 is now claiming that Müller is covering up - in other words, lying.  They've accused Ganswein and P. Benedict along the same lines, lying about resignation and the Fatima secret and so on.


Bonus link: More on 1P5.


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    1. The great Joan Collins ... she ruled on Dynasty back in the day. A fun watch if ever.

      Poor Cardinal Mueller ... a man of integrity being raked over the "holier than thou" coals.

  2. Yeah right Terry. If a local man in my Archdiocese, David Domet, could with Voris' and other radicals misrepresenting traditionalists, silence a Vatican associated priest who had a Bay St Law firm (the equivalent to the USA'S wall street in Canada/Toronto, ) Thomas Rosica, CSB, tried to stop harassment with threat of lawsuit over libel, I doubt the Church/Vatican will silence Voris and Church Militant TV. I also haven't Seen Francis have the public guts to excommunicate anyone, Radical Traditionalists or heretics on the left.

    1. Hey - you got married - congratulations. Yeah - Domet - it's enough for me that these people are on the radar screen and denounced as the crazies they are.

  3. Wow I'm a bonus link!

    1. You call the shots when it comes to the Catholique intégriste movement. ;)


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