Monday, June 05, 2017

New Feast Day For the Monday After Pentecost.

His Holiness queried, 
The sacristan responded,
"Who wants to know?
You or the other one?"

The Tears of Blessed Pope Paul VI  (Red vestments permitted)

This feast commemorates the morning Paul VI went to say Mass and green vestments were laid out in the sacristy and he burst into tears.  He had been so excited, expecting to wear red vestments for the Octave of Pentecost - which was suppressed in the new ordo.

The priest sacristan said, 'You only have yourself to blame, santita."  Through his tears, Pope Paul said it wasn't his fault - "the impostor pope did it."

The Baroness, Ekaterina Fyodorovna Kolyschkine de Hueck Doherty was inconsolable when she found out about it.  She yelled for her husband, "Dat's it Eddie!  Ve go to Greek Melkite Kirk now - you be priest - wear red cape too!"


Baroness vear red too.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad it made you laugh. I've never been convinced the story is true even though I know where it is taken from. Every year it goes around online - but if it happened, it's nearly 50 years ago. Plenty of time for successors PPVI to reinstate the season after Pentecost.


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