Friday, June 09, 2017

Mrs. Rabitowitz once told me that her relatives in Italy knew Francisco Bernardone

I thought she was making it up and then I came across this painting today...

Charles Bosseron Chambers


  1. Well, aren't Mrs. Rabitowitz's relatives something?!

    I wish I knew Francesco Bernardone. Sometimes I feel I do. He is my profession saint, and it feels like he personally led me to the Order. I know that sounds crazy, but that is how it is. I could certainly use a quiet talk with him right now, but of course, he would never do that since I am a woman - my good St. Francis never allowed himself to be alone with any woman, not ever St. Clare. Only Lady Poverty and our Blessed Mother.

    Very best Franciscan blessings to you Terry, and to all here - Susan, ofs

  2. I am sitting here gazing at the wonderful image of San Francisco with those precious conejitos and I am sighing as I think to myself, "would it not be wonderful to run away to some green forest where the water runs fresh and there is time to just pray and sleep and shut the world out for a time?"

    San Francisco pray for us who suffer from wanderlust. Amen <3

  3. .....I will join you Yaya ! I no longer suffer from wanderlust, but escapism, its close cousin. We will find refuge among the woods and streams: and at night, a **** hotel and many pre-paid credit cards, in order to treat the Conjitos and Their little friends. I can see it now.
    btw: I love Chambers works, always bring me peace. and, my grandmother's maiden name.


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