Monday, April 10, 2017

What's Wrong With the World ... Brain Hacking ...

"We must alert Catholic social media about this."

I knew that.

Stepford lives online, Catholic social media experts, Catholics on Facebook, Catholic apologists on Facebook, Facebook Catholic Twits, Instagram Catholics with Facebook accounts, Catholic bloggers with Facebook accounts, Facebook Tweeters with Catholic issues, ... all brain hacked.


APRIL 9, 2017, 7:05 PM| Why can't we stop looking at our smartphones? And are the designers of the apps and content on them using brain science to keep us hooked? Anderson Cooper reports. - Look and see here.

We're all being manipulated.  It's a rewards system.  We want prizes, pats on the back, kudos, approval, Likes and comments.  We don't like it when people disagree with us, criticize us.  We want followers and friends and greetings in the marketplace - because that is where we always are - in the Marketplace, fixin' our tassels and adjusting our phylacteries.

"How can you believe when you seek approval from one another?"


  1. Wow oh Wow! I think I understand Trump and his blind supporters better now. Tech tricks are geared to do anything to get attention. I think that sums up our President pretty well. Meanwhile the test of us are being lead by the nose by sly programmers who want to influence out thoughts and behavior. Children with developing brains are the most vulnerable. Meanwhile we are all being dumbed down, becoming antisocial and stressed out because we do not have enough virtual friends or likes, or streams or whatever. There is no turning back but you can turn off.

    1. What I find a bit scary is that Trump is so attached to Twitter - and the fact he thinks the number of 'followers' and re-Tweets is an indication of his popularity.

  2. Interesting. I've been thinking about similar things--all the little pleasure "hits" we give ourselves. The screens are a huge source of this. I checked a news site at a stop light the other day and thought "what have I become?" I expend effort avoiding the pleasures that come from immorality (with mixed results, of course) but do very little to contain my appetite for morally-neutral pleasures. I'm not sure the difference between the two is as great as I thought. We should avoid immorality (duh) but pleasures of the flesh lead us away from God, away from love, whether they come from the fires of lust and greed or quotidian procrastination and laziness.

    A friend of mine gave this homily recently: It's what got me really thinking about it. His homilies are solid food and worth listening to.

    Terry, either you often post things I've been thinking about or I'm narcissist who often who often projects what I've been thinking about onto what you post. Probably more the later than I'd like to admit. Either way, it's nice to have the company.

    1. You can't be a narcissist. You are a husband and a father of several beautiful children - narcissists don't do that. Happy Easter to you my friend.

    2. Donald Trump is also a husband and father of several beautiful children, so I think your standard needs to be reevaluated :)

    3. @ Joshua ... agree. ;)


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