Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday and the painter.

The Painter and Christ - Marc Chagall

Just some thoughts.

I couldn't find an image of Jesus Crucified to display online so I settled upon this one by Chagall.  I like it that he painted the Crucifixion so often.  Many artistic depictions strike me as bordering on homo-erotic.  Christ's musculature is often too well developed and the pose much too sinuous, and so on.  I much prefer early iconography and Siennese style depictions, as well as medieval style images, which seem to me more sober, while moving the soul to devotion.

Good Friday begins the novena to the Divine Mercy - so don't forget.  And remember the chaplet is the most important part of that.

I finished my Annunciation icon but I'm waiting to varnish.  I had to redo some calligraphy as well.  I'm not sure when I'll present it.  I'm not even sure it will be accepted.  My entire Lent was spent working on it - and before that of course.  So.  That means my Lent was a complete failure.

Which means I especially need the Divine Mercy, because I have empty hands ... 

“[During prayer] while standing before the Lord, show Him not only your empty hands but also your dirty hands filled with your attachments . . . and pray that He will have mercy on you.” - Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer


  1. "Which means I especially need the Divine Mercy, because I have empty hands ... "

    Amen! Same applies to me ... I remember too what the Lord revealed to me long ago, were it not for His mercy, I would have perished long ago.

    May the many of us not be lost as we seek refuge under His infinite Mercy!

    1. P.S. Love Marc Chagall. I have a friend who has an original hanging over his fireplace. It is a joyful painting depicting the joys of Jewish family life.

  2. As I write this I will be leaving for church in about an hour. We begin the novena at 2:30 today as the service begins at 3:00. I will be praying for anyone that reads this comment.

  3. I love Chagall. He's so much fun.


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