Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wars and rumors of wars.

Famine in East Africa.

With all the threats and fears we endure ...

Is there any suffering like famine?

With all the hatred for Islamic terrorists and suspicion of Muslims, resulting in an outcry against immigrants and refugees ...

Is there any suffering like famine? 

Think about it - instead of worrying about who gets their feet washed on Holy Thursday, or the rubrics get messed up during the Triduum.

The third part of the Fatima secret Bl. Jacinta was told by Sr. Lucia not to speak about, included the following ...
"I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him.
"Look! Don’t you see many roads, paths and fields full of people crying of hunger, not having anything to eat? And the Holy Father in a Church praying next to the Heart of Mary?" - Blessed Jacinta

And yet so many ignore these 'signs' when they are right before our eyes.  They wait for some sort of 'warning', and yet we've been warned by wars and revolutions over and over.  They wait for signs - when they are right in front of our face.  They hope the secrets of Medjugorje will be revealed when the secret of Fatima is unfolding now.

What is wrong that we keep looking for signs and ignoring the urgent humanitarian crises on our doorstep?

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  1. In this day and age famine need not happen. Stalin used famine to defeat his opposition in the Ukraine. Today others use it in the same way along with poison gas. We are quite possibly closer to thermonuclear war then since the Cuban Missle crisis in 1962. If Francis visits Moscow soon I will all but be convinced that this is the sign that we have passed the point of no return. It does seem to all be unfolding as Our Lady told those young children in 1917 who knew nothing of the world outside their village.


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