Monday, March 06, 2017

Ricardo Cinalli's Cathedral Fresco.

The 'Heavenly Jerusalem' detail just may be a bigger problem than the nudity and homoerotic subtext.

Someone on Facebook pointed out to me the inclusion of minarets in the scene.  Not that Muslims can't go to heaven ...  but the ecclesiology seems to be a bit off here.  At least something about it is hetero - albeit heterodox.  What?

I wish someone like Elizabeth Lev would critique the mural.  I'm not satisfied with the artist's narrative.  It would be nice if Archbishop Paglia would offer some catechesis on the composition as well.

As a work of art - I like it.

Looks okay to me.


  1. Where is this Cathedral? You probably have said, but I missed that. This does not trouble me in the least. Why, I wonder, would someone object? Historical accuracy, theological correctness, or one true religion people? I just do not get it.

    1. In Umbria - which is why I joked, 'churches the earthquake missed.' Anyway - I think it will stay and should stay for history to judge.


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