Friday, March 10, 2017

Ecce Homo ... Homo homini lupus est

Embrace your homophobia.

It's the counter-cultural thing to do.

It seems I've gone for weeks without writing about homosexual stuff - LGBTQ topics are all over Catholic social media today - why?  Like I always say, I hate writing about this stuff - if you leave something behind you, why keep looking back?  Remember Lot's wife, and all of that.  Unlike the Israelites in the desert, I don't look back with longing, quite the contrary.  Internalized homophobia?  That's what 'they' call it - yet I call it repentance, contrition, and conversion.  If that's homophobia, I gladly embrace it.

What I'm not phobic about is murals in Cathedrals, or gay bishops suggesting the Church change her teachings, or crazy bloggers screaming "FAGGOTS" as some sort of doomsday threat against the papacy, and I'm not even scared by people like feminist Camille Paglia citing the collapse of Western Civilization because LGB's embraced the T's and G's as part of their social-reconstruction-equality program.  I'm so scared!  Not.

What I do hate is what Austin Ruse revealed today ... I haven't vetted it, but I trust Ruse and his professional reputation.  He knows what he talking about.  Sometimes I disagree with his tone or repeated criticism of those who criticize him - that's not important.  Today just one thing in his essay at Crisis struck me as revolting and on some level - criminal - as it applies to grooming youth to embrace homosexuality, or to be more exact, sodomy.  It is, in my opinion a sexual  behavior or practice to fear and hate - or more precisely, to be phobic about.

The quite remarkable thing that has happened is they are now willing to talk openly about their way of life. The execrable but nonetheless mainstream gay publication Advocate published a story—by a doctor no less—teaching youngsters how to train their bodies for sodomy. It makes for truly gruesome reading.
He writes, “I often tell patients that great bottoms have been doing it for quite some time, with many first experiencing it in their youth. Unfortunately, no one showed us the right way to bottom in our high school sexual education class. Still, it’s never too late to learn, and we all enjoy new and positive sexual experiences. Here’s my 101 guide to bottoming…”
The publication also ran a piece on how gay men should have regular pap smears for their backsides. Now, these pieces will not be seen outside the homosexual bubble, but even more out in the open are two shocking and revealing pieces just published in the more mainstream Huffington Post. - Crisis

There is nothing generative, nurturing, or loving about sodomy.  Call me homophobic - I'm fine with that.

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