Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When I came across this headline - "a network of lies, intrigue, espionage, mistrust and, more effective than anything, fear."

I clicked on it thinking it might be an article on the Trump press office.

Instead it was an article defaming Pope Francis by a Catholic blogger/journalist.*  It was a recycling of the defamation Rorate Caeli published after the election of Cardinal Bergoglio.

The author and commentators have made themselves political supporters of Cardinal Burke and seem to be on a campaign to discredit Pope Francis.  That's unfortunate.

I came across a very good report on Cardinal Burke recently, and I doubt he would approve of the character assassination these people have perverted their writing skills toward accomplishing.

Recently Cardinal Burke was asked "whether we should go to "Novus Ordo" or Extraordinary Form for Mass."  Cardinal Burke responded:
- He said the important thing was to go to Mass, not if it was the Ordinary Form or Extraordinary Form.
- He said both are the unbloodied sacrifice of Christ on the cross and both are valid.
- He said if we felt like we got more out of one than the other, by all means go to one or the other. - source
Catholics disparaging the Holy Father while claiming to be offering support to Cardinal Burke  are really screwed up.

*Uncanny similarities ...


  1. Then apparently I'm screwed up.

    1. No you are not. You are holy. I think you read people who are really screwed up. There are indeed problems with the Holy Father's style, but you and I are relatively unaffected by it - or should be. We don't need to correct popes and bishops, we need to correct ourselves. You go to Mass, receive the sacraments, pray and live a good life, no one is stopping you or myself from this. These a trials, purifying trials we are going through - we need faith and great patience. You are so not screwed up. Hilary White is.

    2. ....fulfilling the duties of one's state in life....

  2. If persons are asking questions about Pope Francis' behavior / statements, etc., that's one thing. If they're making personal attacks, disrespecting him, calling him names (including pejoratives like calling him "Pope Bergoglio" instead of Francis, that's something different (unfortunate and uncharitable and disrespectful). But Catholics do have a right - in fact a responsibility - to put questions to their Bishops if they don't understand something. And one Bishop (ore more) questioning the Holy Father is necessary when issues of faith & morals, doctrine, or safeguarding the Holy Sacraments exist.

    1. The people I'm referring to are disparaging the character of the pope, not asking questions. The bishops questioning the pope have the responsibility to do so, and the faithful have the right to do so. To disrespect the pope and call him names and accuse him of all sorts of heresy and ideological connections - political and economic - communist, Peronist, and so on, to mock every pronouncement and reject every utterance is disgraceful and scandalous. I'm referring here to Hilary White, Vox Cantoris, the Remnant, and so many other blogs and online 'pundits' who present a grave scandal in their anti-papist, anti-VII propaganda. This includes the 'Fatimists', and trads who say the Novus Ordo is evil. Many of these people look to Burke as a savior without understanding that he is very much a VII, Novus Ordo prelate, who love Catholic tradition - but who is just as Catholic as the pope.

      The popes enemies play up the lack of response by the Holy Father to the dubia and make all sorts of judgement calls on the why and wherefore of his silence, while interpretting everything he speaks about as some sort of condemnation against this bishop or that bishop. It is up to the bishops to deal with that problem - break protocol, confront him - do something other than contributing to deeper division and partisanship. The Church is not the United States.

      Likewise, priest who feel slighted have a job to do - do it. Be devout, be faithful, and don't look for approval. Thank God instead of pissing and moaning.

  3. call them Burkites..

    I try to separate myself from them...

    I also think that by claiming Pope Francis is a heretic and no pope at all will give reasons for Burkites to call into question the regularization of the SSPX if that happens under Pope Francis.

    Then there will be a greater divison in rad trad land..

    1. That's the irony.

    2. This is good news though as I sense Cardinal Burke will be just.



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