Friday, February 17, 2017

EWTN - World Over DOA

Remember, Catholic media is a selling machine ...
they need your donations and purchases.

Just last night ...

I clicked on World Over Live and caught the end of a discussion with Robert Royal, Raymond and Fr. What's His Name from NYC.  I think they were talking about schism and heresy and Pope Francis.  I clicked off seconds later.

I had heard they were taking up the narrative that the Pope is bad and we are on the precipice of schism.  I caught one comment from a viewer who tweeted, "If there is a schism, whose side are we supposed to be on?"

World Over Live has no authority.  Go to your chancery, ask your local ordinary these sorts of questions.  Be careful of Catholic media and most especially Catholic social media.

Go to Mass, frequent the sacraments, keep the commandments, be faithful to the duties of your state in life, give to the poor, pray, pray, pray.  Stay away from Catholic media and those who see schism as a solution.  It shouldn't even be discussed.  If EWTN and its offshoots, as well as their pundits are leading you to believe that we are on the verge of schism, then avoid the Network.  Never ever depart from the Church, the Pope and the Magisterium - the bishops in communion with him.  We have the Catechism, Magisterial Teaching, Scripture and Tradition to adhere to in any doubt, despite what media reports.  We have the Mass and the sacraments.  We have Our Lady's rosary and protection.  We have Christ and Christ has us - we are his body.

No matter what happens, what is said, what is done - the Church can never change her teachings. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am Christ's and Christ is mine...
"Mine are the heavens and mine is the earth. Mine are the nations, the just are mine, and mine the sinners. The angels are mine, and the Mother of God, and all things are mine; and God Himself is mine and for me, because Christ is mine and all for me." - St. John of the Cross
Remember Lot's wife, who turned into a salt-shaker after she went back to check her email one last time...


  1. "Go to Mass, frequent the sacraments, keep the commandments, be faithful to the duties of your state in life, give to the poor, pray, pray, pray"

    What is the most important duties in life are being neglected because we are all stuck in the Tower of Babel and as of today, do not want to leave since our opinion is just SO much more important than prayer.

    I had to part ways with EWTN long ago after Raymond Arroyo and Roberto Roybal started going there. I like Father-what's-his-name though. He's kinda cute. ^^)

  2. You know, it surprises me -- though I guess it shouldn't -- how those who have jumped onto the Trump train most enthusiastically seem to be pushing hardest away from the Holy Father. Even if he were a bad pope, even the worst in history, none of it would be justified. Yesterday the Register had an article about how the Vatican and the world's cardinals are very worried about the rise of populism in the world ... and predictably, the comments were full of bitter and vile accusations against the Pope and praise for Donald freaking Trump.

    I sometimes wonder what all the old EWTN heroes -- Fr. Groeschel, Fr. Hardon, Fr. Dubay, and of course, Mother Angelica, would have thought of what EWTN and its affiliated media enterprises have become. It's sickening.

    1. Father Groeschel would have us praying for our Holy Father and for the POTUS - on equal terms - as he would remind us both are equal in the love our God has for them and for us.

    2. I'm sure he would. But the gushing for the president as some kind of great savior is, if anything, scandalous. I often wonder what someone who isn't already Catholic, or Christian, would do if they tuned in and saw/heard the goo-goo-ga-ga-ing with the President and the GOP in general. Would they be drawn to Christ, or would they conclude that the Church is just a GOP culture war machine that only has principles when it suits them?

    3. Who's gushing? Not I. I simply refuse to go all negative. I will continue to place our nation in our Lord's hands and President Trump in Saint Joseph's hands.
      I will strive to continue to live in hope since I want no negative nor bitter feelings to infect my already stress filled life.

      Have a great weekend everyone! God grant you a much needed rest <3

  3. I'm pretty sure that there was a big EXPLOSION that made Lot's wife turn around and look!


    1. I would've looked too!

      Maybe another chance someday.....

  4. Not you, Yaya. And you have the right idea. I'm speaking of Catholic media outlets.

  5. Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that he loved the idea that Lot's wife turned around because it was such a human thing to do. There do seem to be a lot of stiff penalties for natural inclinations in the Old Testament--that poor fellow who reached out to steady the Ark of the Covenant for one.

  6. Thanks so much for this post, Terry. As always its a booster and spot on. I gave up EWTN for Lent a few years ago and never went back...but will DVR very few and select program documentaries now and of the best things I did for a peaceful spiritual life. Sad to see NCR and our local Catholic radio EWTN affiliated..oh well...more to give up THIS Lent!


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