Monday, January 02, 2017

Speaking of mystical antics ... before there were blogs.

From the Bayside timeline ...

1975 (September 27): Lueken delivered a message announcing an “imposter pope,” a communist agent whose appearance had been modified using plastic surgery to resemble Paul VI.
1977: The Pilgrims of Saint Michael withdrew their support. Their official reason for leaving had to do with whether female pilgrims should wear blue berets or white berets. However, their actual motivation appears to have been that Lueken's celebrity had come to overshadow their movement. Lueken's movement became incorporated as “Our Lady of the Roses Shrine” and began producing its own newsletter. It continued to grow.

Seriously, I think the Vortex, 1P5, Vox Nova, and a few other sites picked up where Bayside left off.

How Veronica received messages before wifi
was even invented!


  1. They split into two camps which continues to this day. I was in Bayside in May and witnessed their competing rosary recitation next to each other at the site of the Vatican Pavillon at the 1964 Wotld's Fair. The split had more to do with managing the money and pilgrim business. Veronica's husband was her business manager. A segment of the followers wanted to remove him.

    1. That just amazes me it continues on like that.


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