Thursday, January 05, 2017

First Trump says he doesn't need all of those security updates ... and now he prefers Assange to US Intelligence Agencies.

Drudge doesn't even carry the story... where's all the praise for the smart guy?
A former Pentagon and CIA spokesman on Wednesday slammed Donald Trump for giving credit to WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange and warned that America will be less safe when the President-elect takes office later this month.
"Let's stare this reality square in the face: PEOTUS is pro-Putin and believes Julian Assange over the @CIA. On Jan. 20 we will be less safe," tweeted George Little, who served under former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. - Source

That's it.

Now I'm hoping Charlie Johnston is right.


  1. At this point I also believe Julian Assange over the CIA. But don't worry, Trump is getting a security briefing tomorrow on the "hacking" by the Russians.....

    1. A "hacking" by the Russians? A democrat concoction of sorts? After eight long arduous years of obama, nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. I agree what I'd trust Assange over the CIA. The CIA, under Obama, was/is in the pocket of liberals and work with an agenda.

  3. Trump is all over the place. Julian Assange is no friend of the US. Like Snowden, he has put our soldiers life's at risk. Trump has filled his Administration with men who have strong Russian ties. We are in for a very unstable future. I think the Congress will soon find he is not a man you can do business with. Then what?

  4. I'm simply aghast, stunned even. People would trust Trump and Assange over 17 US intelligence agencies, but when it comes to Pope Francis - he's so dangerous. Holy crap.

    The mind reels.

    1. Tomorrow's intel release and Trumps reaction will be telling. I do not think the seriousness of this situation has sunk in to many people. Distrust of government is real and valid. Government in a democracy should be challenged not dismissed totally. These are dangerous times we are in and we are being lead by dangerous forces. Putin will flex his muscle soon. What will Trump's response be? I have no idea.

  5. >>I'm simply aghast, stunned even. People would trust Trump and Assange over 17 US intelligence agencies, but when it comes to Pope Francis - he's so dangerous. Holy crap.<<

    Terry, 3 things come to mind regarding Russian 'Hacking our election'

    1. if they did, they are to be congratulated. The 17 IC agencies' argument is that the 'hacking' consisted of tricking John Podesta to give someone his gmail password--only a Russian could pull that off!!--, thus giving the American electorate a glimpse into the Clinton campaign inner-workings. This glimpse turned off some voters and hence she lost. i.e. no one disputes that the Russians' 'hacking'consisted of telling American voters the truth about Clinton's campaign. Should we risk nuclear war over that? Telling us the truth?

    2. Glenn Greenwald, a homosexual leftist--not an alt-righter-- has posted an excellent article ( on why we should not be so quick to believe the same choir that sang about the benghazi video, WMD, Vermont powergrid hacking, etc.

    3. See reason one. :-)

  6. You may have swallowed a narrative that is incomplete, distorted or just plain fake. We will know more by next week. You begin by writing that Russia should be congratulated. That was enough for me. You can also congratulate them on taking the Crimea, destabilizing Ukraine, murdering opposition and assisting genocide in Syria. I will wait for more factual information, but I will not send my congratulations to Russia for anything.

  7. "You may have swallowed a narrative that is incomplete, distorted or just plain fake."


    Thanks for putting in the word 'may'! But the leaked emails were genuine, no?

    Hillary really did tell the elites that she maintained conflicting private and public positions. I have no doubt that leak hurt her electorally.

    It should have. (regardless of its provenance)

    It's a topsyturvy world when shining a light on pertinent facts is labeled 'fake'.

  8. I probably should just keep my mouth shut - I'm obviously ill-informed.

    I have all I can do just keeping up with the latest JonBenét Ramsey developments.

    I think I saw Elvis shopping at Target yesterday.

    What would Charlie Johnston say about fake news? Fake prophecies?

    Gotta run! Talk amongst yourselves, Yetta an I are going shopping.

  9. Kneeling, you gleefully congratulate Russia while rehashing Why Hillary is such a bad person. Meanwhile Trump publicly called on Putin to hack her. They did. Now he refuses to acknowledge it. Why? What is he hiding? We will know someday and Hillary's mistakes will seem inconsequential in comparison.

  10. "Meanwhile Trump publicly called on Putin to hack her. They did. Now he refuses to acknowledge it. Why? What is he hiding?"


    thanks for paying attention. I fear we're talking past one another but please consider this fanciful situation.....If your sister had a fiancee that was a 'swinger', but she didn't know it, But then one of her fiancee's other sweethearts bluntly tells her that said fiancee is playing her for a fool now and is even bragging that he always can and will.....I take it you would be mad at the sweetheart (Russia), not the faithless fiancee (Hillary) and you would be horrified that someone had told your sister (American electorate) the truth?

    I'll let you know when I figure out how to fit Trump into my parable. maybe you can fit him in and show me where I'm wrong for being happy the truth came out? Trump is the fiancee's rival, but is a serial murderer? or a cereal mortarer? Putin is Gog or Magog or Saddam Hussein reincarnate? Revelations foretells of Putin persecuting Pussy Riot?

    Really, isn't much of this Putin hatred in the media driven by Russia's refusal to go along the Clinton-Kerry LGBT-FIRST foreign policy guide? Bishop Badejo of Nigeria certainly thinks the 200 kidnapped Chibok girls would have long ago been rescued by American Special Forces had his country not banned same-sex marriage.


  11. " Meanwhile Trump publicly called on Putin to hack her. They did. Now he refuses to acknowledge it. Why?"

    Sorry, friend, to beat a dead horse, but you are mis-characterizing what Trump said, which was

    >>>- Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30000 emails that are missing<<<<

    Hillary's server, laptops, blackberries, were ground to dust at the time Trump made his plea for the Russians to find and make public 30K emails that Hillary was already legally bound to make public, but at the time she was claiming they were irretrievably lost. In your world, that is hacking? Retrieving for the public what it is owed and setting things right?

    It would be like ...forgive another contracting Hillary to write a public pronouncement for me. At the deadline, Hillary contacts me and says her computer was evaporated in a housefire. I go to a local 'hacker' and ask him to search for ghost copies of that pronouncement that might still be saved somewhere on the internet. Let's say he finds it and publishes it as was originally agreed. Has a crime been committed?

    Wallace, the content of those 30K emails was supposed to be public property, if the Russkies had managed to find them and publish them without going into Hillary's system, just --after the fact--taking advantage Hillary's slothful IA practices, then--in your mind-- that's hacking her?

    If I ask the local pawnshop to be on the lookout for my stolen lawnmower, then I am inviting them to steal it? Stealing and retrieving are the same thing to you?

  12. Wow! You could replace Kelly Anne Conway as the Don's chief spin doctor Kneeling. Take your seat and watch what is coming. "Russia will spread her errors over the world."


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