Friday, December 02, 2016

Worried about the end of Catholic marriage?

I didn't even bother reading that.

It's a great hook for my post though.

I also came across another piece proclaiming, "I changed my mind about Pope Francis" and I think that one could be subtitled, 'and not in a good way.'  So.  What.

I've heard of people going into the wilderness to escape the chastisement or to pray and do penance for the apostasy.  Nothing wrong with that of course.  Prayer is good.  If they are really truly praying and avoiding the constant breaking news reports on every little bit of gossip and detraction which comes out, they just might experience God's presence in the midst of chaos.  The alarmists seem to think that by calling out every possible error and ambiguity, one is somehow going to save innumerable souls in danger of being lost because they will now no longer have to get married to go to communion.  They are wasting their time.  Of course I'm being facetious in the way I stated that, but you get my point.

Truly, if you quiet down and turn off all the drama, you'll experience such a peace that 'all will be well'.  If you really pray - not mouth words, not spin off intentions, but just shut up and pray, you will find that peace... an interior peace and joy that no one can take from you.  Even as you don't understand, even while all is collapsing around you ... so long as you do not turn back to look at those people and their concerns which are perishing, you will encounter Christ in your soul.

Really listen to the prayer of the Church these days.

Don't trivialize the prayer, 'Stir up your power' ... it is the prayer of the Church, praying God's protection that 'we might find rescue - from the pressing dangers of our sins' ...  Our sins.  Not their sins, 'our' sins.  If we are worried about many things and many issues and many sayings and claims online, we neglect our own souls.  Especially when these concerns are beyond our domain, or responsibility.  What is even worse, is that we neglect God's presence, in our soul, in the Church and in the world.  We miss what he is doing in our midst.  We stop to look and we freeze into a pillar of salt - like Lot's wife.

If you really pray, quiet your soul and seek God alone, you will certainly understand - no matter your state ...

From Today's first reading:

You shall have nothing to be ashamed of ...
you shall see the work of God's hands in your midst ...
Those who err in spirit shall acquire understanding,
and those who find fault shall receive instruction. - Isaiah 29:24

'We should not be concerned about such matters at all. It is true that I would be of your opinion and act perhaps in the same way had I any responsibility in the matter. But I have no obligation whatsoever. Moreover, our only duty is to become united to God. Even if we were members of those communities which are being publicly criticized for their defections, we would be greatly at fault in becoming disquieted on that account.'" - "My Sister, St. Therese" - Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face

Don't listen to me though - I'm just as much in need of understanding and correction as the next guy - perhaps the only difference is that I have confidence in God who is at work in our midst, even now.  When Christ walked the earth, many people ignored him then as well.  Those who recognized him found peace... they acquired understanding, they stopped find fault with others.

Today's Gospel.


  1. Seek a relationship when you pray, not answers.

    1. That's excellent advice. Thanks.

  2. no! I worried about Freemasons! Staunch Dubia Opponent Father Pinto on Famous List of Freemasons


    1. Haha! I saw that.

    2. I bet freemasons daydream about being as successful and influential as their paranoid critics think they are.

      If I needed one more reason to never read 1P5 again, that piece was it. Man up, Skojec! If you're going to accuse the pope of being part of a Masonic plot, do it boldly. This "I'm just going to throw this out there without judgement" is so weak.

  3. Actually, the "I changed my mind about Pope Francis" article should have more appropriately been titled "I changed my mind about Pope Francis' decision to not respond to the dubia." I would encourage everyone to read that article. It does a very good job of laying out how, contrary to what many voices are telling us, Amoris Laetitia is not at all clear in what it prescribes, and why it is now the duty and responsibility of the Holy Father to respond to the five questions posed to him.

  4. What happened? Is the electromagnetic field surrounding Abbey-Roads messed up? I would swear I posted a comment but neither the comment nor the post is there.



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