Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Dean of the Roman Rota Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto warned that the Four Cardinals could be stripped of their cardinalate!


I wonder if they get to keep the clothes?

I saw the story on Badger's blog.  It's from EWTN UK - which seems to be more candid with this type of story than the US EWTN World Over Live entertainment news, with Raymundo Arroyo.  Here's an excerpt of the UK piece.  From the Dean of the Roman Rota:
Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota, told a conference in Spain that Cardinal Burke and the three cardinals who submitted the dubia to Pope Francis "could lose their Cardinalate" for causing "grave scandal" by making the dubia public. The Dean of the Roman Rota went on to accuse Cardinals Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra, Walter Brandmüller and Joachim Meisner of questioning the Holy Spirit. Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto made his astounding accusations during a conference to religious in Spain.
Archbishop Pio Vito's indictment against the four cardinals, and other people who question Pope Francis and Amoris Laetitia, was that they not only questioned one synod of bishops on marriage and the family, but two synods, about which, "The action of the Holy Spirit can not be doubted." - Read more here.
Quite honestly, I am scandalized, I just don't know who to blame.

Shirley not the Pope.

Part of my resistance to these stories has to do with the fact I don't want the crackpots online to be right.  They keep writing these stories, laying charges upon charges.  It's one thing to read eccentrics like Ann Barnhardt and her Canadian Kickers polka-band followers, but it's a bit more disturbing as qualified writers express doubts and concerns and even harshly criticize the Pope.

The stories are disturbing and distracting and worst of all, it harms the spirit of devotion and prayer.  I'm serious about that, even though I make fun of the stories as a sort of release, I suppose.  No one really knows how the Pope will respond and what will happen - hence the speculation is indeed vain - and in not a few cases, gravely presumptuous.  That is where the scandal is.

I just do not want the pearl-clutching crackpots to be right.  It's like the Charlie Johnston Steppers - I'm hoping Charlie is wrong about the election just because I do not like all this trust people place in locutions and so-called mystics - it seems contrary to the virtue of faith.  I'm hoping all the fringe is wrong about all their fears and survivalist plans - this too seems contrary to faith in some respects.  Prudence is one thing, but self-sufficiency can lead to presumption.  Most especially, I hope all the anti-Vatican II big 'T' Traditionalists are wrong - because that means the Church is wrong - and that is protestant and contradicts the promises of Christ.

I love the papacy - it is in part why I am Catholic.  I like all the popes since the Council - including Francis.  If people need more clarity, I hope he will provide it.  In the meantime, his enemies are indeed searching for stories to condemn him.  One site has a story that JPII was warned about Bergoglio as being unstable and unreliable.  Others are claiming Francis' election was illegitimate - orchestrated by a group of anti-Benedict cardinals who lobbied for Bergoglio.  That is gossip as well as detraction, if not calumny, it serves no purpose but to discredit and foment mistrust.  It's evil.

In some really strange way, it just maybe all about clothes ... after Francis was elected and he refused the traditional vestments, specifically the ermine-trimmed red velvet mozzetta, allegedly saying, 'Carnival is over.'  The extraordinary dressers were very much disturbed.  And now, Cardinal Burke may be ordered to turn in his 'flair'.  Kidding - kinda.

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Bonus:  And now, for your edification, a new video from Fr. Pavone ...



  1. The Church belongs to Christ as she is His bride therefore, imo, no amount of Tower of babel squabbling is gonna change that.

    With many of us already burdened with just trying to get through the day, who has time to be scandalized at the goings on in Rome?

    The faith remains and will continue to do so until our Lord Jesus Christ returns in glory. Maranatha!

    1. I checked out the article and first thing that came to mind was this ... "Papa Francis does not seem the type of man to strip anybody of anything unless it is a really serious and grave attack against the faith/Church."

      I really am praying this issue gets resolved.

      Anyway, the day is beautiful and I am going to try and enjoy it.

    2. Sigh of relief - then they not only get to keep the clothes, but continue wearing them.

      Him likes!

    3. All in all ... may peace reign in the hearts of men who love the Immaculate One.

      The silence in church was so welcomed by me this evening. All the rat race noises were drowned out. The church was dimly lit while the images of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Grace were lit to perfection.

      It did me well to be there and the Lord bids I return over and over since I am in need of His mercy. Con el favor de Dios, I shall.

  2. I think the Roman Rota guy is out of line; we have no way of knowing whether that comment on seeing white or black is actually in reference to the Dubia. And if the four Cardinals are out of line in publicizing the Dubia, this guy is also out of line to claim they can be stripped of their Cardinalate.

    Which leads us back to the age old question: How do you solve a problem like Maria?


    1. He said ... they said ... who knows?

      But I got to thinking, if I came to my father and I wanted to have him clarify something he had said and he ignored my request for clarification, would I be upset? Yes, I would be and I'd be confused as to the why of his silence too.

      I am trying to give our Holy Father the benefit of doubt but while the Francis supporters are defending the AL comments regarding divorce/remarriage and Holy Communion, his silence is baffling. Why can't he just call them in and meet with them in order to make peace? How does this make him look while confusion reigns and some are doing what they want? He speaks of encounter and dialogue, why not encounter and dialogue with these four Cardinals who seek to ease the confusion among many faithful?

      One cannot have it both ways ... especially after reading this:


      How can a priest who desires to be faithful to Christ and his Church be obligated to tow the line when it goes against Church teaching?

      See what happens when I start thinking? I go bonkers!!!

      Let's keep praying for clear waters as we press onward in the Barque of St. Peter!

    2. This is why St. John Chrysostom said the road to hell is paved with bishops skulls.

    3. I was actually going to post song for this post from SoM - How do you solve a problem like Maria! Haha! You could be my editor.

      Personally, I agree that the Roman Rota guy was out of line as well - esp. taking things the pope says as being directed against this or that person. I did that with something he said about money and suggested Fr. Sirico got his answer - but I think I got away with it. What?

  3. I'm with papa right or wrong. He could say he's doing away with annulments entirely and just having divorcees pinky swear their hearts tell them remarriage is fine. He could sack all the cardinals not appointed by him. He could make Burke an associate pastor at the Berkeley Newman Center and assign Schneider to street evangelization in the Castro. He could require permanent deacons to wear watered silk cappae magnae to all marriage counseling meetings with parishioners. All of these things would be, in my opinion, wrong things to do. But they wouldn't matter in terms of whether I would set myself against him. If the Church is true, stick with the pope. If the Church is not true, who cares about the pope anyway?

    If he authoritatively teaches heresy and ends an 2000 year-old streak of doctrinal consistency, then so be it. At least I'll be able to get a vasectomy. Until then, miserable people should keep their miserable miseries to themselves.

  4. Joshua, don't mistake things the Pope says with authoritative teaching. He would first have to say that it's authoritative teaching and that what he said was elevated to dogma or it isn't infallible teaching. Last time was the Assumption in 1950. The Holy Spirit preserves the Pope from error in that case.

    1. I completely agree. I would add (and I'm sure you would agree) that the Holy Spirit is keeping an eye on things outside of defined dogmas as well. Thanks, Nan.

    2. Hear, hear!

      I'd like another drink.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Pope is, I think, cautiously testing the water. He must find common ground between tradition, divine revelation and human need. He has a difficult task indeed.

    1. So let us put our prayers to work for the sake of the Kingdom here on earth. From now on dear wh, I shall unite my prayers to yours so that the Lord may indeed apply them to aiding Papa Francis to do whatever the Lord wills.

      Have a wonderful night!

  6. Peter is the doorkeeper. He has the keys. Against him I will not contend.Who are these compared with the Apostle Peter who keeps the Door of heaven? St Wilfred 664 Council of Whitby


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