Monday, November 28, 2016

In Havana - They're shouting - Santo Subito!

... it could happen.


Crackpot News.

I've read so many edifying testimonies online from Catholics.  People are so good.  So thoughtful and caring.  So sympathetic.  Kidding.

Kind of seriously however, I wonder if Castro was simply an instrument to chastise a corrupt and decadent culture, oppressed by the wretched Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista - who was financed by links to organized crime and allowing American companies to dominate the Cuban economy.  Havana was an amoral playground for the rich.  As Catholics know, If Our Lady's requests at Fatima - especially that men amend their lives and stop offending God, who in 1917 was already so much offended, Russia would spread her errors across the world, as an instrument of chastisement.  Castro nearly caused nuclear war when he allowed the Soviet Union to construct missile bases.  True - he spread revolution, training African and Latin American troops ... he committed grave crimes.

However, if viewed from the perspective of eternity - throughout world history governments have done similar things.  Even in the United States, we have displaced peoples, confiscated their lands, forced them to conform to our ideological and sociological status quo ... I'm referencing our treatment of Native Americans and the African slave trade.  In fact even today, the United States promotes 'ideological colonization', imposing what we call 'women's reproductive health' rights in Third World countries in return for aid.

I certainly understand Cuban Americans celebrating the death of a dictator who caused their exile, separated families, confiscated their businesses and properties, imprisoned and executed their loved ones, and so on.  I'm just surprised by the vehemence and contempt shown by some bloggers and commenters online - give them a 'righteous' cause and they blow hard, so ready to condemn those who contradict or disagree with them - or simply send condolences and offer prayers for the dead.

Very seriously, I never could have supported Castro, neither could I have supported Batista.  Many of the very rich displaced by the revolution got out with their money and would love to return and recreate that old status quo ... something tells me a few non-Cubans would like to trump up anti-Castro rhetoric, hoping to move in and open luxury hotels and casinos, now that Castro is dead.

Abbey Roads crackpot news.


  1. One effect of Castro was to close Cuban society and culture to modernization. Once we enter there will be a McDonald's and Starbuck's on every corner. Thomas Merton wrote lovingly of the old Cuba. Steeped in Latin Catholic culture. Wonder how much of that remains?

  2. They have no money and old cars.

  3. Seen on a sign in a bookstore: Post Apocalyptic Fiction has been moved to our Current Affairs section.

  4. I didn't realize that "Santo Subito!" translated to "Ding dong, the witch is dead!"


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