Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Wonderful Coincidence of Hanukkah and Christmas ...

The eight days of Hanukkah is a great reminder to Christians that Christmas is twelve days.

Christmas is not just Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  So often people say, 'now that Christmas is over ...' - I heard it on the news yesterday.  It was a lead to discuss the eight days of Hanukkah - which is fine - but just like Hanukkah which began on December 24, so did the Christmas 'season'.

Liturgically, Catholics refer to it as the Octave of Christmas, which is eight days - in other words, Christmas is eight days too.  However, Christmastide is even longer, traditionally concluding on Epiphany - or Twelfth Night - yet very truly extending to February 2, Candlemas, the fortieth day of Christmas-Epiphany season.

Bonus:  Carnival begins on Epiphany, so if you still love to party - you can do so until Ash Wednesday.  Rock on!

Full of grace
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  1. Carrie Fisher died today at 8:55 am in Los Angeles after suffering a massive heart attack at age 60. It was reported she was found unresponsive upon arrival from London into LAX. Had been on a ventilator since then.
    May she rest in peace. I think she was Jewish.

    Prayers for all who have dies this past week.

    1. That's sad - I've been praying for her and George Michael.


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