Monday, November 21, 2016

Malachi Martin

Malachi Martin is in the news again.

Conspiracy theorist, Fatima eccentric par excellence.  Read his novels and the ideas embed in your memory and you end up writing prophetic blog posts, warnings of doom and gloom and anti-papist nonsense.  Oh!  Oh!  And homosexuals lurking everywhere - with demons flying out their butts.

It is so strange to me that this guy, a former Jesuit priest, is given so much credibility, especially by those Catholics who apparently hate the Jesuits and our 'Jesuit' Pope.

(Look!  This post is another quick take!  I'm just like a real blogger!)


  1. Too bad those Catholics who hate Jesuits especially our Jesuit Papa, are gonna miss out on the beautifully written call to Mercy. I hope you will share your thoughts with us after you read it, Terry.


  2. He is an intriguing man. Never a valid exorcist he never-the-less road the ride to fame and money with Hostage to the Devil. He was a frequent guest on Art Bell's radio show, Coast to Coast, along with UFO abductees and time travelers. He was charming. He claimed to have read the real third secret of Fatima. He was vowed to silence but would play a guessing game with callers as to it's content. He claimed to remain a priest and died under somewhat suspicious cercumstances. Or so the conspiracy theoriests say. He had a brilliant mind and, like all Irishmen, could spin a good tale.

  3. Malachi Martin for Thanksgiving, perfectly paired with a windswept casserole and hearty portion of everclear.


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