Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My new favorite painter.

Andrew Hunt

Waiting for Godot - Revisited
Andrew Hunt

I kind of wanted to paint Matt Talbot and another saint in a similar style - but wasn't sure - the fear of making a 'mistake' can be paralyzing - a bit like stage fright for an actor I suppose.  I think it is related to artist's block as well.  It's amazing how much vanity plays into our fears.    Anyway, I discovered Andrew Hunt today - I like his work very much.  I wouldn't copy him - but his style accords with some things I've been thinking of doing.

BTW - I'm thinking of closing the Etsy shop.  It was fun at first - but that's worn off.  I don't like doing 'business'.

Maybe I'm just depressed.

"Why do you seek the living among the dead?"  I came across that verse on Tumblr.  It reminded me of Christ saying, "Let the dead bury the dead."

Here's a thought:

Your own power and strength must collapse sooner or later.  Strictly speaking, there is nothing you can call exclusively your own strength.  Any kind of strength is a gift - a gift that you usually claim as your own, and that is why it must be taken from you.  - Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer

When I read that yesterday in Magnificat, I found it meaningful, and it is even more meaningful for me today.

It's funny how we all post memes and quotes on our sites and then go on with our day, often forgetting what we posted ... or how it contradicts posts we've posted before.

This morning I read a meditation from Dorothy Day and thought, she would have been a tedious woman to be around - such a humorless 'malcontent' - for lack of a better word.  Some saints are like that sometimes.  Fr. Dubay could be that way - always instructing, always correcting - not really interested in the person - I suppose that could qualify as disinterested friendship.  Except who lives like that?

Just thinking out loud here.

Let the dead bury their dead then...


  1. Let me know first if/when you close the Etsy shop. I may wanna spend my mad money. I post contradictory stuff all the time. I move from one thing to the next at work, find something inspirational (post), something irreverent & funny (post), something pretty (post), something exciting (post), something holy (post) etc. It's like online ADD and where I work we juggle so much at once, I go home and put the milk in the microwave and forget it's there. Stupid.

  2. Please give us a heads up when you do decide to close shop. I like this artist's work too. What talent.


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