Friday, May 27, 2016

As the cesspools overflow: Father Dwight Longenecker knocks it out of the park!

It appears the inmates in the asylum 
have clogged the system with toilet tissue 
and their own brand of 'fishwrap'.

Cesspool Maintenance Tips

Father Dwight Longenecker asks if the radical traditionalist blogosphere is not only “a cesspool,” but an asylum for Catholic crazies. - Crux
Fr. Longenecker is one courageous priest and I will never ever criticize him again.  Ever!  I'm serious.  He's pretty much covered the online clogged cesspool problem - unfortunately, Father doesn't have a solution on how to flush out the sludge that has accumulated at the bottom and unclog the system.  As the article says, some Catholic blogs may be cesspools, but saying so won't help.  One fills up, and another one opens - so it's really all about waste management... but I digress, as they say in Rome.

Although I'm glad Fr. Longenecker identified the most problematic cesspools.  It's a dirty job but someone has to do it thus Father offers a bit of history here:

In February 2015 Rosica’s lawyer threatened to sue Canadian blogger David Domet. Domet blogs at Vox Cantoris and is a member of a clan of traditionalist bloggers who trade in sensational accusations about the Catholic Church, of which they claim to be faithful defenders.

Michael Voris’ Church Militant website jumped to Domet’s defense, a major tempest in a teapot blew up, and Rosica’s lawyer backed off. 
The traditionalists continued their campaign against Rosica on a variety of other fronts, putting him firmly in their crosshairs. 
Are Rosica’s criticisms fair, or is he just licking his wounds and nursing a grudge against sensible, holy and well-meaning Catholic conservatives? Perhaps it is worth letting these folks speak for themselves. 
A quick click through David Domet’s Vox Cantoris blog reveals a few common themes. The Holy Father is consistently disrespected, referring to him as “Jorge Bergoglio.” This is common usage across radical traditionalist websites and blogs. 
Does this qualify as a “cesspool of venom and vitriol”? Maybe not. But dig a bit deeper into radical traditionalist sites such as Michael Matt’s The Remnant, Steve Skojec’s 1Peter5, or Anne Barnhardt’s blog, and Rosica’s words will not seem like an exaggeration. 
Anne Barnhardt, refers to Pope Francis as a “diabolical narcissist,” and in an interview at Creative Minority Report calls the pope a “fag hag.” 
The anonymous Mundabor, like most of the radical blogs, calls for Amoris Laetitia to be withdrawn and ponders how a heretical pope might be deposed, while Barnhardt, writing here at The Remnant,writes an incendiary and ludicrous article calling for “all bishops who are true Catholics” to rise up and depose Jorge Bergoglio. - Crux

I sincerely mean this when I say, thank you Fr. Longenecker for having the courage to write this commentary.  I'm an unknown crackpot with a website, so I have nothing to boast about, but pointing out these crazies online is a work of mercy.  God bless you!

You'll need it - because the s--t is going to hit the fan now.

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  1. Fr. L. is part of the problem. His hatred of tradition and those who adhere to it is part of the crap that the blogosphere is full of. He is rude, obnoxious, and would do well to live the blogosphere and stick to being a father to his family.

    1. At times Fr. L annoyed me as well - just as I'm sure I annoy the hell out of people - but he's a 'decent priest' as Ed Grimley would say, and he nails it here. I used to say he blogs too much - but so do I and so do others. I think he is a father to his family, a husband to his wife, and a good priest and pastor. That's holiness you know - fidelity to one's duties and state in life. The fact that he's called some people out has helped me a great deal - because it's easy to get sucked into the paranoia and fear-mongering - not to mention anger.

      I also doubt Fr. L hates tradition. His life demonstrates the opposite, from Bible thumper to High Church Anglican to Roman Catholic - cassock, cape, and saturno will travel.

      Just saying. ;)

    2. Amen! Have you seen the beautiful church he and his parishioners are building? A beautiful and very traditional Catholic looking church in recent memory. I think Fr. L is a blessing to us all. You are too, Terry.

      Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  2. The last part of Father's Crux article: "Observations such as Rosica’s are reminiscent of Jesus’ own words, calling the Scribes and Pharisees “whitewashed sepulchers” and “a brood of vipers.” and look what that got him! The venomous and vitriolic bloggers will most assuredly not accept criticism, but lash back with a fuller fury and loftier righteousness.

    Impervious to both gentle reproof and harsh attack, they will, like cornered animals, snarl and bite back.

    Therefore, one must shrug, get on with the difficult calling of following Christ the Lord, and remember Rosica’s final comment: “We must pray for them, for their healing and conversion!”

    Amen, and that's exactly what I've been doing since I left Facebook on September 14, 2015, the day after my 70th birthday, although I do have an account for the last few under a fictitious name so I can keep up with various things like the library events, the Sheriff's page which is full of local stuff, most not having to do with crime believe it or not. No friends on there. I spend more time in prayer and uplifting things instead of checking FB every five minutes, and having my blood pressure rise.

    I love your blog, Terry, and Frank Weathers' blog on Patheos

    and Tony Rossi of the Christophers who is such a good man.

    1. Thanks Maggie - I think you'll like my next post on the trailer of the new documentary by the Franciscans of the Renewal - it is the Gospel. God bless you!

  3. There are some crazies out there to be sure. That said, Rosica is a...piece of work.

    1. I honestly do not know anything about him. He seems to keep his job.

  4. People who know little to next to nothing about Catholics aren't served well by the Catholic blogosphere. They'd think Catholics were either rad trads or apparition chasers!

    Thank God then for sane voices like you, Father L, Mark Shea and a few others.


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