Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Well, it was amusing...

Holy St. Cecilia!

Church lady drag-ball fashions from Downton Abbey?

Yeah, I'm just the janitor -
I do the clean up work, that's all.
Just doin' my job!

For more photos of just how bad the presentation was, go here.

BTW: The figure I tied into Downton Abbey is more probably Dolly Levi from "Hello Dolly".  Could it be more gay?  I don't think so.

Another update:

Beauty and the Beast
"Some mannequins that are part of the show were toppled over, 
and several others tossed outside on the steps of the church, 
the Rev. Michael Gutgsell said."
"tossed outside on the steps of the church
I am laughing so hard!

I came across even more photos and this:
Show will go on... 
The Cathedral Flower Festival will go on as planned this weekend, despite some damage caused during an incident about 8:15 Friday morning, the church’s pastor said. 
Some mannequins that are part of the show were toppled over, and several others tossed outside on the steps of the church, the Rev. Michael Gutgsell said. 
Omaha police were contacted and a member of the cathedral maintenance staff was taken away by officers, Gutgsell said. 
The man offered no explanation, Gutgsell said. (That's not true.
The flowers, he said, were virtually untouched. The displays will be repaired for the show to open as planned. - Source

I was laughing so hard.  Fr. Gutgsell's letter to Mr. Kenney was weird:

In a letter of termination two days after the festival incident, Gutgsell wrote to Kenney: “None of the florists and none of the volunteers, any number of whom took time off their work or traveled some distance, had the slightest intention or reason to dishonor the Cathedral. You assigned the word ‘desecration’ to the entire project and as a result slandered anyone associated with it.” - Source

If only Christopher Guest would do a film based on this story.

Song for this post here.


  1. What thought Mary Poppins was a good idea? A flower show ast church would be beautiful but I imagine flowers surrounding the altars and statues. Wouldn't roses surrounding the little flower, lilies by St Joseph and green beer by St Patrick be wonderful?

    1. It would be beautiful - the Mary Poppins was the most dramatic - but it killed me to see that stupid mannequin in the pink evening gown. How nuts is that?

    2. Hard not to be dramatic when magical nanny is suspended from the ceiling. Whatever happened to dunking witches? What?

    3. Maybe Trump could pay for Mr. Kenney's legal defense fund - he's so magnanimous!

  2. Now this is an iconoclasm I can support.

    Our Lady of the Jazz Age, flanked by flowers with a beautiful stained glass background, poised on a pop-history side altar, is profane. Using a Cathedral as just another cultural exhibition hall implies a lot about how those in charge see the other, more mission-critical, celebrations that take place there. I hope they at least cleared out the tabernacle before their exhibition.

    Mark Kenney, Holy Fool of God, pray for me!

    1. Wouldn't this make a great Christopher Guest film?

    2. OK, I guess I can't embed an image.

      My reply: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/pushingdaisies/images/5/5b/Wikia_Daisies_-_Father_Ed.png

    3. I take that as a no then?

    4. ?? Of course it would--the photo I linked to is Michael Hitchcock as a priest! Hitchcock seems the clear choice for Fr. Gutgsell.

      I can just see Michael McKean and John Michael Higgins reuniting. They're an open-minded couple from Kearney who own a little flower shop with attached cafe. Once a year they close the shop, take time off work, and travel some distance to Omaha for the big show.

      Catherine O'Hara as the DRE who thinks she runs the place and secretly tries to undermine the parish secretary (Parker Posey) in ways that usually backfire.

      Chistpopher Guest as Kenney, though he would be a minor part until act III.

  3. Also...so now you're using red font to comment within excerpts too?

    1. I know!

      Now send the script to Christopher!


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