Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Omaha Cathedral 'Flower Fest Rampage'

 I can't stop laughing ....

Is that a cappa magna?

Flower Fest Rampage....

Dismembered mannequins...
strewn down the steps.
Oh! The carnage!

+ + +

I wonder if Kenney was taken out through the Door of Mercy?


  1. Is there a Free Mark Kenney movement yet? That could be part of the Christopher Guest film too. BTW, I commend you for covering a story that the so-called serious news outlets have ignored.

    1. Not only serious news outlets but late night comedians - they're all Catholic. I came online this morning, saw the mannequins on the church steps and cracked up. It's the funniest story I've come across in a long time. Poor Mr. Kenney, I sincerely hope that for the Year of Mercy Lucas will pardon him and not press charges, and maybe have a penance service repenting of the 'desecration'.

      And that too could be part of the Guest script. LOL!

  2. You cannot make this stuff up. I want to know whose idea this event was? What was the point, the purpose? Is the Blessed Sacrament reserved somewhere else? Churchs have become the venue for performance art of all kinds. Kinda like Jesus trowing out the money changers from the Temple. I have seen clowns, comedy acts, New Years parties, nuns dancing up the center aisle, but this one is by far the most bizarre.

  3. Hey, as I read in the comment section of one story, it is the janitor's job to take out the trash and that is what he did. I want to contribute to his defense fund.

    1. I hope the parishioners rally behind him. Whoever approved this desecration needs to be held accountable and disciplined. I would also contribute to his defense fund. Anyone know how?


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