"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I've been studying really hard lately ...

h/t jnstl


  1. I've been studying the same book, but I think I'm going to flunk the final.

  2. Since I was laid off in November I have tried my best to get up by 8 am every day and be dressed by 9 am. Thank goodness for morning Mass - a place to go where I must look presentable! The days that I don't do this, especially if I stay in my jammies until noon - well, it just becomes very easy to start falling into the sinkhole of despair.

  3. I'm getting ready to say the rosary with my husband, Angela. I'll offer it for you to find a job. I also pray an ongoing novena to St. Joseph every night before I go to bed. Part of the novena is praying for the needs of others. You will be part of that every night. May God protect you from discouragement and open a door where he wants you to be.

  4. Thank you Mary Ann! Fortunately my income was not the main one in our home but I think the hardest part for me has been the lack of social interaction. I am trying not to burn out my friends with constant invitations for coffee lol!


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