Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ward, I'm worried about the Vortex.

I didn't know Michael Voris said something bad about Pope Benedict.

I guess he suggested Benedict called in sick and stayed home from the papacy.  He suggested it was a sham and that it might even be sinful.  Someone mentioned it in a post about someone mentioning it in their post.  Is that gossip?

Dante did that.  He put Celestine in hell because he too resigned his office, as Fr. Z noted:  Dante calls him “the shade of him who in his cowardice made the great refusal”.   Just think.  Voris is a Renaissance man.  He may be the new Dante.  Or the new Michelangelo.  Michelangelo is said to have painted some well known prelates among the damned in the Sistine Chapel Last Judgement.  Voris is going after Dolan again - in a big way.  I'm betting he won't get press credentials for any NY Archdiocesan function again.

The Vortex may be losing credibility, in addition to creating and feeding controversy.

A former employee for Church Militant explains why it was all too much to contend with in his premiere blog post, Why I Left CM.  Acts of the Apostasy introduced the new blog by the former CM employee.  It is a good read, and a great reminder to be careful of such vigilante fringe-news sources who flame those in the hierarchy and politicians with sensational news stories, highlighting their shortcomings and failures, accusing them of crimes and misconduct, cover up and conspiracies.

It happened in the Renaissance and throughout the history of the Church, and was noted by many famous and infamous personages ... who took their chances with their own salvation.  Detraction ... calumny ... sarcasm ... defamation of character ... vengeance in retaliation for censure and insult - that kind of stuff.


  1. This is exactly why I don't pay attention to any of these so-called Catholic sites. These people have become legends in their own minds. That person who wrote the article about Voris is just as bad as Voris.

    They're all in competition to see who is holiest. You want to know who is holiest? It's the 80 year old lady who prays her rosary every day, goes to daily Mass, and has not one clue about anything Dolan, or any other priest, is doing.

    One commenter at the above article, whenever he read anything he didn't like, replied, "I'll pray for you." You just don't get more snarky, sarcastic, or nasty than that.

    Rant over.

    1. I went to Mass tonight and that really was my conclusion as well.

      I wish I could shape up.

      Thanks Adrienne!

    2. You're welcome. I had a particular woman in mind when I wrote that. She passed away a few years ago at 90+ years old. She was an amazing woman.

  2. Thanks for bringing this blog to our attention. This young man seems to have a pretty good grasp on what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

    I have come to see that we need to reject anyone who tries to create fear and then feed off of it. Donald Trump is constantly telling his followers of all the things and people they need to be afraid of, and as a result, is creating hate and division on a grand scale, just as all fascists dictators have done. This is also what Michael Voris does, as well as all of those who practice his methods of setting up villains in the Church, telling us we need to fear and hate those villains, such as Cardinal Dolan. Those who engage in this practice may not be aware of it, they may have the purest of motives, but they are playing directly into the hands of the Evil One who wants to destroy all of us.

    1. I think the new guy has a good grasp on this as well - hopefully he will maintain that healthy awareness. It's hard to get caught up and lose the pure intentions and go off the right track.

      I'm not too good about rejecting anyone out of hand - but I know what you mean.

    2. Hi Terry,
      Snuck in from my R & R cause I really hope you will read this great piece by Dr. Jeff. He really is a solid Catholic teacher and one I always thank God for because he is balanced and does his homework unlike others who are shrill and given to less-than-the-truth blogging.

      On the 'conversion' of Jews: The new Vatican statement - See more at: http://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/articles.cfm?ID=663#sthash.AwQ8MOON.dpuf

      I am dusting off all of my little ornaments to display and every time I look at them so many happy memories return, some dad ones too. I will be praying the folks at CM indulge in a little spiked eggnog, cause havoc ranting and raving and then attend MIdnight Mass and proceed to pray for the rest of us.

      Buon Natale!
      See you soon!

    3. I meant "sad ones too" Typos are so overrated. (@_@)

  3. This shows me yet again that we desperately need the Year of Mercy. I understand wanting to teach truth, to have reverent and proper liturgies, and to defend the Church courageously. However - we need to be humble and gentle and meet people where they are - not thump them on the head and alienate them. When you teach a child to read you don't give them the Summa by Aquinas - you start small with picture books and teaching them letters. When you teach a child to walk you don't set them on the Camino de Santiago - you help them walk around the furniture and take their little hands and gently lead them. It's so important to invite and encourage - not intimidate and demand.

  4. Thanks for the link, Terry.


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