Monday, December 14, 2015

This is nuts: Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal is a Reverend.

An Anglican Catholic Franciscan priest?

I say it's nuts because it just seems so New Age dysfunctional ... or something almost anti-Christ ...  I'm not being sarcastic either.  It's so like having the form of religion without any substance.

Hughes describes himself as being “unabashedly devout in his Christianity.” His mother was a Catholic who took him away from his abusive “Rock-and-Roll” father. Hughes believes that his father's disobedience to God, “abandonment of faith” and “disobedience to God” did not serve him well at all. This became what Hughes describes as a “model for the left” for him. He explains “the left” as “anyone who doesn't love Ronald Reagan and doesn't accept (without a doubt) the 2nd Amendment.” And, to anyone who does not agree, he threatens actual physical violence.
In the year 2012, Hughes was ordained as a reverend by the Order of Saint Francis. From his living room in Atwater Village, Hughes bashes Obama and praises Ronald Reagan, as he sermonizes on his Internet radio show, all while surrounded by sex, drinks, Elvis, Satan, and of course, the Bible. Hughes refers to these as his “tokens of warring, driving influences.” Hughes is passionate in his dedication to religion, rock and roll, and personal freedoms. He supports gun ownership in America and feels that the solution for America's problems and issues is that everyone needs to go back to church, like NOW. Hughes had plans to pursue political goals before his music career took of late in his life. - Source

In the last days ...


  1. A few modifications and this is fit to print in the Onion.

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  3. Terry,
    If your godfather did not have last rites, there is a simple at home plenary indulgence you can do for him now ( post 1967) after confession, Eucharist, prayers for Pope's intention ( Our Father and Hail Mary) and detachment from all venial half hour of devout scripture reading within 20 days but three or four days is safer as to detachment from all venial sin. In my view, one of the most consequential things a Catholic can do is obtaining a plenary for self and for deceased others....and the 1967 changes by Pope Paul VI give several simple ones like the above. In a second one, you do a half hour of adoration before the blessed sacrament after confession and the other listed requirements.

  4. Ah Terry, I deleted my comment this morning as I was so mentally foggy before work: just wanted you to know my sorrow at the death of your uncle. It all seems so much sadder as we grow older, these deaths of those we love, even if at a distance. love.


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