Sunday, December 13, 2015

If you really listen to Pope Francis when he speaks of Mercy ... he sounds very much like St. Therese ...

Merciful love - as we hope in Him so shall we receive.

I won't take the time to compare notes - instead I'll post a few quotes from Little Therese and those who knew her ...

'We can never have too much confidence in the Good God, He is so mighty, so merciful. 
As we hope in Him so shall we receive.' - St. Therese

Confidence and love.
 "It is to recognize our nothingness, to expect everything from God as a little child expects everything from its father; it is to be disquieted about nothing, and not to be set on gaming our living. ... To be little is not attributing to oneself the virtues that one practices. ... It is not to become discouraged over one's faults, for children stumble and fall often, but they are too little to hurt themselves very much."  - St. Therese

 St. Therese of Lisieux "expected as much from God's justice as she did from his mercy.  'How nice it is to think that God is just!' she said.  'It means he takes our weakness into account and knows full well how frail we are by nature.'  She also said that she would prefer to live without consolation, because in that way she could give God greater proof of her trust in him." - Mother Agnes of Jesus

"Even if I had committed all possible crimes, I would still have the same confidence; I would feel that this multitude of offenses would be like a drop of water thrown into the flaming furnace of God's love." - St. Therese 
Jesus repairs - makes reparation for us.  As Therese wrote in her Morning Offering:  "And I wish to make reparation for my sins by casting them into the furnace of his merciful love."

"A notion which is not widespread and which, nevertheless, is very important is that Jesus, when we ask him with confidence, repairs not only the evil we have done in ourselves, but also the evil we have done around us.
Indeed, he has made all things right in me, but what about the evil I have done to others?  The bad example I have set, the scandal I have given, the good I would have been able to do and did not do, the injustice I committed?  I am set aright myself, but what about the others?
Say then, 'Jesus, from this evil also which I have wrought around me, draw forth good.  Even, I dare to ask you, draw a greater good from it than if I had not done the evil... Jesus, make reparation in me and around me.'" - I Believe In Love, Pere Jean du Coeur de Jesus D'Elbee

 Jesus, repair what I have done badly.

Guadete ...
The perfect joy of the saints ...
It's a wonderful life!

"Therese believed that God frequently allows us to experience in ourselves the same weaknesses which we deplore in others,,,  [Thus] when we see ourselves fallen into those faults we are then more prompt to excuse them in others." - My Sister St. Therese, Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face

"'Sometimes it happens,' she went on, 'that despite their best efforts, some souls remain imperfect because it would be to their spiritual detriment to believe they are virtuous or to have others agree that they are.'" - Ibid 


  1. Does the one you call "pope" hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven?

  2. His words reflect traditional Catholic spirituality & I have long found similar echoes of St Therese & other Saints in his daily homilies, exhortations & thoughts. :)

    1. Amen, and thank you.

    2. Jackie - you are absolutely correct - thanks.


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