Saturday, December 12, 2015

Unusual 'Holiday Tree' Ideas ...

Say Season's Greetings without making people uncomfortable by saying which season you are actually celebrating ...

The Environmentalist Tree ... 
the Festivus pole recycled with recycled materials.
Say Laudato si - say it loud!

The Archbishop Emeritus DVD Tree.
A TwinCities favorite.
Recycled anti-gay-marriage DVD's.

Hanging-fruit Tree...
very traditional in a strange way.

The Mommie Dearest Tree.
Sentimental and a little sad - 
but that's what the holidays are all about Christina.

Climb Every Mountain Tree.
The most 'spiritual' but not religious
idea of them all.  So evocative of the 'Ladder of Perfection',
and works well for the ambitious careerist as well.

My Favorite:
The Bottle Tree.
Fun to make and add onto -  
all the way through the entire holiday season!

Happy Holidays Poodles!

Song for this post here.


  1. I would like a go at the Bottle Tree ... but work, bills, family and other obligations prevent me from decorating that darn tree> I was hoping if there ever does come a time and I can hang, well, I will start December 1st and run it all the way til New Year's Day. I will put a festive manger scene under it too since I wanna be close to the holy baby come Christmas.

    That tree is gonna shine!

  2. That video reminds me of the Christmas that Mom & Dad got very heavy into the Christmas gifts of boxed alcohol sets given them ( 'days of' '60's like Mad Men), also Champagne, which We kids got into pretty heavy and they gave it to the dog (Tippy, of course) as well. Poor little thing. All were so incapacitated that I was told to decorate the tree: so, I did: pink lights: pink decorations: pink 'fluffy stuff' tossed on, etc. etc. Also one of the years the cops stopped us on the way home from Midnight Mass, another happy tradition. I loved those purple, satin-covered boxes with purple bags that the Crown Royal came in, made great 'dolly' houses ! Oh What Happy Memories ! Merry Christmas little children, sure hope Your parents are in AA this year !

    1. We could sit up all night sharing similar stories. LOL!

    2. Yes, Terry, we could ! Gallows humor all around !

  3. Another funny, unexpected gut-bucket laugh to one of your posts! Love it (the DVD decoration will be talked about for decades)! Thankfully we are blessed with all natural people rather than fake ones. Ya know, those that smile, bleed, pray, fight. One thing to point out for all those haggling over Laudato-Si - despite some who think otherwise, research has shown that locally-sourced natural trees have less environmental impact than artificial ones. Renewable resource, kind of Trad don't you think?

  4. I see you were driving through my trailer park to get pictures. 99 bottles of booze for the tree, 99 bottles of booze!


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