Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Something to think about ...

I wish I'd written this ...

The following opinion piece comes close to what I've been trying to say whenever I write about the online Stepford bloggers, the 'Likers' and the 'Followers'.  [I accuse myself, first and foremost, BTW.]
The idea that everybody thinks they’re specialists with voices that deserve to be heard has actually made everyone’s voice less meaningful. All we’re doing is setting ourselves up to be sold to — to be branded, targeted and data-mined. But this is the logical endgame of the democratization of culture and the dreaded cult of inclusivity, which insists that all of us must exist under the same umbrella of corporate regulation — a mandate that dictates how we should express ourselves and behave.
Most people of a certain age probably noticed this when they joined their first corporation, Facebook, which has its own rules regarding expressions of opinion and sexuality. Facebook encouraged users to “like” things, and because it was a platform where many people branded themselves on the social Web for the first time, the impulse was to follow the Facebook dictum and present an idealized portrait of their lives — a nicer, friendlier, duller self. And it was this burgeoning of the likability cult and the dreaded notion of “relatability” that ultimately reduced everyone to a kind of neutered clockwork orange, enslaved to the corporate status quo. To be accepted we have to follow an upbeat morality code where everything must be liked and everybody’s voice respected, and any person who has a negative opinion — a dislike — will be shut out of the conversation. Anyone who resists such groupthink is ruthlessly shamed. Absurd doses of invective are hurled at the supposed troll to the point that the original “offense” often seems negligible by comparison. - Bret Easton Ellis


  1. I SO needed to read this today.

  2. I want to "like" this a 1000 times!!!

    Hi Ter!

  3. I want to "like" this a 1000 times!!!

    Hi Ter!

    1. Only 998 more times to go LarryD lol!


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