Friday, October 23, 2015

The tip off: How I knew the Pope's brain tumor was a complete fabrication ...

The Pope coughed once, too.

Dr. Fukushima.

The doctor's name is Fukushima - the name of the nuclear plant disaster in Japan... It's all too convenient, Watson.  It's not only racist but it is an attack upon global interest in nuclear power.  But the real Dr. Fukushima came forward, denying any role in the plot:

Late Wednesday, Dr. Fukushima issued a statement through the Carolina Neuroscience Institute in Raleigh, N.C., where he is director: “I have never medically examined the pope. These stories are completely false.” - NYT

Don't be duped.

The Synod has been plagued by false stories, rumor, innuendo, gossip, scandal.  It's so obvious media is involved - as well as that vast right wing conspiracy that always chases after the Clintons.

Faithful Cardinals and Bishops have said as much:

From Rome, NPR'S Sylvia Poggioli reports:

"The suggestion that the tumor report was part of a plot against Pope Francis was put forth by the official Vatican daily L'Osservatore Romano. It wrote, "the timing of the claim reveals there was an intent to manipulate and cause a dust storm of confusion." 
"Cardinal Walter Kasper said it was part of an effort to undermine the bishops' assembly. And Buenos Aires Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez said spreading false information to discredit a person in power is as old as antiquity. It's an attempt to make Francis appear weak, he added, and in need to be replaced. 
"Several Vatican analysts say the tumor claim in an Italian right-leaning daily insinuated the pope's mental condition is responsible for alleged chaos in the church." - Source

 I think we know who is behind this.  Not just right-wing-nut politicians either.

Who financed a well known American Catholic priest's sudden, unexpected trip to Rome this week?  Follow the money.


Watch out for Catholic bloggers.
Ann Barnhardt intends to burn Laudato si and 
the relatio live from her van
on Cable access tv.

Disclaimer:  No Jesuits were implicated in any of these plots.  Just diocesan priests.


  1. Have we forgotten so soon about what the prophet Dan Brown has uttered? Opus Dei is clearly behind all of it.

    1. Nah ... I bet the Holy Father's own people are behind it starting with the Jesuit Superior, Padre Nicolas. I am will to wager lots of the online arm chair theologians contributed to the printing of that rag story in order that many more would hyperventilate over it. (V.V)

      Interesting indeed. (x-x)

    2. OMIGOSH! Of course! Opus Dei! Thanks Nate.

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