Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On the Church's commitment to accompanying all people...

Sisters have been on the front lines.

“If we are going to really accompany people, we have to first of all engage them." - Cupich

Just a thought.


  1. For the uninitiated, the photo shows a religious sister serving as an escort INTO an abortion clinic. After all, wouldn't want Moloch to get hunger pangs...

    1. Thanks Scott - I just assumed readers would have known. I'm glad you cleared it up.

      The post is sort of a parody I suppose - I came across something at Aleteia on Communion and St. Paul's teaching - it helped me understand how poorly the words of Pope Francis can be interpreted. Especially as concerns sacrilegious Communion and re-interpreting the parables of Christ. Over-thinking and extrapolating doctrine may be worse than a development of doctrine. I'm sure Donna thought she was accompanying abortion patients when she volunteered as an escort. Twisted.

  2. .......Once upon a time I would have been stunned to think of a religious sister doing this.....no longer. *sigh*. How I miss my naivete'.

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