Tuesday, August 04, 2015

This is cute ...

Reminds me of my childhood.

A friend liked the following anecdote from my childhood I shared the other day:
I was a cub scout once, but I quit after my dad stole all the money I earned selling popcorn balls...

That's why gifs like this one are funny.

My parents were funny too.

Although my brother and I didn't get along.

h/t Jeron


  1. I love your gifs and woulda loved to do that to my brother!

    Just so you know I wasn't happy that it happened to you..I just love that you can laugh about it now! Okay, and the dad story was funny..though I am sure not at the time!

    1. Both you and Jeron get the humor. At the time I wasn't sure what to do or say, so I just never went back to the meetings. I didn't think it was funny then of course - but it made me laugh later. It was such a weird situation - I asked where the $ was and no one knew what happened to it. Later my brother said dad took it when he stole his (my brother's) 3 Bears bank. As adults we laughed about that too. I recall my brother was really hurt by that though.

      Not whining or looking for pity of course. It's interesting to me now to look back and try and figure out what was wrong with my parents - why would they act like that?

    2. Yeah my siblings and I all laugh today about the severe beatings we used to get w/a leather strap that left welts. My dad's strap was specially made w/finger notches and holes punched in the leather so it'd slap you good. Child abuse? Pffft ... just the way things were back then. We survived.

    3. Wow I was a real uh wussy growing up..I woulda cried like a 6 year old girl!


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