Friday, August 07, 2015

Kid's and gay marriage... Five things to know and share.

Days after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, Jimmy Kimmel Live put a lighthearted spin on the subject by asking children for their opinions.

I was watching a rerun of Kimmel the other night - I had seen the original when it first aired.  It was taped after the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage.  In Jimmy's monologue the talk show host spoke enviously of the fun-filled lifestyle of the gay and single, kinda sorta lamenting they have to give it all up now that they will be able to marry.  It was funny - especially because I think Jimmy sometimes wishes he was gay.

One segment of the show took to the street - polling passers by if they knew what gay marriage is - those questioned were kids.  Cute, bright kids.

The only reason I'm sharing this for "things to know and share" is that I realized gay marriage is already ingrained, embedded in the American consciousness.  If little kids know what it is, then the task of catechesis/evangelization on the sacraments is really going to be tough.

It reminds me of the following alleged prophecy:
“I see a multitude of souls that are lost, especially children, even those who have not the age of reason. Those who are responsible (for the loss of children’s souls) if they knew what awaits them at the dreaded trial! Children are educated now as adults. What shameful words ringing in their ears and echo in their mouths! It is awful and terrible. It makes one tremble to see the youth return to this point, and they (the parents) are not watchful, they do not take care, they do not occupy themselves with what they do; with what they (the children) say, they (the parents) laugh and they leave them entirely at liberty to their actions.”October 2, 1903 Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny.

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