Saturday, August 01, 2015

Dead babies for sale - we need an intervention. A big one.

Please - stop the killing.

Stop dismembering and selling infant body parts.


Forget all the other distractions taking our attention away from the horror, the terrorism that has been allowed to grow and prosper - because we ignore the killing of unborn children ... including those just born.

We could have known, we might have known, and we should have known.  There has been a concerted effort not to offend the sensibilities of mothers, women who have aborted children, and you and I - who just can't stand looking at a dismembered newborn infant.

Stacy Trasancos, mother of seven and a former research scientist turned homemaker, writer, editor, and educator, makes it clear that the use of fetal and embryonic body parts and tissues is nothing new.

From her post at Catholic Stand:
Maybe the undercover investigation conducted by the Center for Medical Progress needed to happen so people could see and hear the gruesomeness of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of fetal body parts. Maybe it was too easy to ignore without video-taped evidence in plain, gory language. Maybe it is not enough to be outraged at abortion on its face because, I don’t know, killing is somehow worse if body parts are sold.
But anyone who has followed the Human Genome Project, cloning, genetic, evolution, and stem cell research knows that the use of fetal and embryonic body parts and tissues is nothing new. I am not complimenting myself for knowing about this. I have been interested in reading science papers for decades. Now I am urging more people to pay more attention because, while I remain unsure how to stop the horrific conduct in some areas of the scientific community, there is no doubt that information is a fundamental necessity. You cannot change what you do not know about.
Now that we know ...
What do we do about it? Well, I assure you that getting angry over a sensational video from an undercover investigator will not make this end, but maybe it is a start to getting people to pay more attention.
In no way do I mean to scold anyone for not reading scientific papers before. What I hope I have done is encourage you to be confident that you can read them. You can see why it is important in this particular matter, but reading scientific papers is also a useful skill for any area of science you want to follow. If you are not a researcher doing the work, then reading the papers is the next best way to know what is done.
There will need to be pleas from us for the harvesting of fetal organs to stop, pleas to stop the research, pleas to stop funding the research, pleas to stop publishing the research, but the pleas will be ineffective if a case is not made that the knowledge gained from the research about human origins and human development is not worth donated fetal human lives. The people engaged in research using fetal body parts for decades think it is perfectly ethical. They have based entire careers on it. They are probably wondering why pro-life advocates are just now acting like they care because of the sensationalism of a few videos. I imagine their reaction is to shrug and get back to work.
We have to start making the case that research using fetal body parts is wrong and needs to stop, and there is only one way to know how to make that case if you are not the actual researcher. You have to know about the research by reading the papers. - Trasancos

Please be shocked.  Please be sickened.  Please be upset.  Please feel guilty, feel miserable, suffer - suffer the little children.  Don't ever get over it.  Don't take anti-depressants to keep from feeling depressed.  Don't distract yourself from the horror.  Stop it.

Stop killing babies.  Stop abortion. 

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