Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Abortion is a men's issue. Really?

You don't say.

Simcha Fisher has a nice post with a similar title ...

Abortion is a Men's Issue.
In great men, two things go together: strength and control. Power, and the knowledge of how to use that power, and when, and why. 
There's no merit in producing testosterone; but there is great merit, for the whole world, when men learn how to use it, and when they learn how to be in control of it, rather than letting it control them. Great men know when to hold their strength in check, and how to use it for the right things. Great men use their strength to protect.

Women make the choice about abortion, but men make the world that women and children live in. Abortion is a men's issue. - SF

She's so close.

Of course abortion is a men's issue.  Women would never have been granted the 'right' to choose if men had not granted it to them.  Powerful men indeed.  Men like judges and senators and legislators and presidents and physicians and, and, and, boyfriends and husbands.  Women would not have any rights at all if powerful men had not allowed them these rights in the first place.

Don't women know that?

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