Monday, March 09, 2015


Scene from Philomena.

I finally watched the film Philomena in its entirety.  It was very good.  I missed the anti-Catholic aspect.  Certainly the journalist that helped her had an attitude towards the Church - but many people do.

The behavior of the nuns looked about right to me.  Mistakes were made, the new superior, Sr. Clare obviously sought to help make amends.  Sr. Hildegarde was portrayed well.  She was an 'old school' nun.  They used to be 'strict' - especially in Ireland.  The young nun who sneaked the photo of Philomena's son was very much in character as well - she was very kind and compassionate - I suspect many, if not most of the sisters could be like her.  The nuns were human.

Times have changed drastically - the real Philomena knows that.

I don't think we Catholics need to be so defensive when our faults and failings are uncovered, or we are criticized for past abuses.

I spent part of my morning prayer time recalling some things from the days of my first fervor, when I was convinced I was very holy but wouldn't say so because I was (had to be) humble ...  Haha!  Although I didn't realize what a hypocrite I am back then.

When Christ warned the disciples to beware the leaven of the Pharisees, I think he was pointing out the dangers of believing in our own self-righteousness and good works and lording it over others - looking down on others.  Yet when our faults surface, we can either deny them outright, or make them out to be not as bad as they seem.  The leaven of pride and self love rises imperceptibly, and we can become self-righteous without even realizing it.  

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  1. what you say is true..But our faults do not derve from being catholics...which is the point some want to make..'don't follow's dangerous, it makes you into a danger to others...' they say

    I think Catholics can be as bad as anybody else or worse..because the devil has a special interest in this... and pride is probably one of his best shortcut into us...Thanks for reminding us


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