Monday, March 09, 2015

Re-Edited Post: Ohio gay activist faked his own abduction.

Editor's note:  I posted this earlier in the week, making fun of the story and the young man.  It was uncharitable and demonstrated once again I am as bad if not worse than the other Catholic bloggers and Catholic news portals I criticize for their inflammatory posts.  There's no excuse for this.

Indeed I'm not trying to excuse myself but I would like to explain part of the deception we all can fall for when reporting or commenting on various news items.  In this case the subject is known publicly as a gay activist - advocate for same sex marriage.  He's a public figure.  One might assume he is against Catholic teaching on marriage and family and sexuality.  The ideological opposite to those who advocate for traditional marriage.  Hence the unconscious assumption he's fair game for 'parody'.

Kicking him when he falls.  That is so much opposed to Christian charity.  I'm sorry.  If the part of the Golden Rule is to forgive seven times seventy, how much more should I show kindness to the one who encounters any sort of misfortune.  It is definitely not for me to judge Hoover's mental stability or motivation - no matter what.  Obviously something strange happened and this young man screwed up.  Hopefully he will get the help he needs and get his life together.

I'm very sorry for posting what I did.  Sometimes we can get 'on a role' with our humor and we thinks everything is comedic and discretion and consideration for the sensibilities of others goes out the window.  In the combox for this post I said I know nuts when I see it.  In this case I should have exercised greater caution recognizing the vulnerability of the person after such a public humiliation.  I will remove his personal photos and captions which make fun of the situation, but will leave the text so readers know how offensive my remarks had been.  My apologies to Mr. Hoover and his mother.

Terry Nelson

Police say he faked his own abduction.

Adam Hoover, 20, co-president of Marriage Equality Ohio, an LGBT organization promoting the redefinition of marriage in Ohio, faked his own abduction this week, causing an uproar that threatened to drain away precious resources from real emergencies, police say.
Hoover left his job on Monday evening. Hours later, around 12:30 Tuesday morning, he posted messages on his Facebook page and Twitter feed claiming that he had been kidnapped, stuffed inside the trunk of his car, and his captors were threatening to murder his entire family. - LSN

Read the rest here.

The poor kid thinks he's gay.

All I can say is people often do stuff like this to get out of some thing or other - and he is young, plop that on top of gay-arrested-development-syndrome, despite the fact he's been an activist since age seventeen, his judgement was obviously impaired... Or.  Talk about a cry for help?

“Please help me I’m in the trunk of my ford escort red 2000,” he said, sending his license plate number, as well. “They said they are going to kill my family please call 911.” 
Hoover said he had not called 911, because he was afraid his kidnappers would hear him talking and kill him.  "Please, please call,” he implored. “I don't want to die." - LSN

Just the facts ma'm.
Lt. Vetter would not say what made Hoover allegedly make a false report, but alluded to “stresses” plaguing the Miami University student. “It’s…personal stuff,” the officer said. “It wouldn’t be fair to go into too much detail, but he’s a young man and as many young kids do, he’s dealing with some issues.” - LSN
A spokesperson for Marriage Equality Ohio told journalists they expect Hoover back in leadership after everything is settled.

Officer Friday reportedly told Hoover, "Next time, son, maybe just call in sick." (I made that up.)


  1. Come on Terry..he wanted a hot state trooper to save him..we've all been there!

    People are nuts gay and straight..proves nothing.

    His name is Hoover..that should keep his dance card filled.

    1. You're right - proves nothing.

      My dad did something like this once. He staged his suicide and disappeared for 6 months, then showed up for Easter. It's true.

      I know all about nuts. LOL!

    2. Welcoming him back into leadership is nuts.

  2. Terry, you gotta write a book! Was your father James Stenbeck...a Cassadine or a Victor Kirakas? My apologies to any wise people who didn't grow up watching trashy soap operas.

    He does have a sense of drama...showing up alive on Easter....


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