Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Cardinals named - not one from the United States.

"My, my, my, my, my! No one from Wisconsin?"

I like that.

I think most Catholics in the U.S. see ecclesiastical office as a promotion - a career move.  Climbing the ladder of success.  "My son the Cardinal."  Jewish moms want a doctor, Catholic moms want a bishop.  This idea of success is apparent among ordinary lay Catholics as well as among religious and clergy, yet maybe more so among clergy.  I'm sure it is the same the world over - but it strikes me that in the United States it may be more pernicious.  It's often connected to success and personal achievement as well as power and prestige - worldly honors.  (I suppose historically Europe was worse because of the nobility and princely attributes.)

One sees this online all of the time in the flourish of honorariums towards this or that prelate, the ambitions of this or that priest, the excitement over titles and choir dress and cappas.  The longing for titles and prestigious appointments, not to mention initials after one's name and the creation of a personal coat of arms while still in seminary ... did I mention cappas?  What?

It's all good though...

As the Pope told the newly named Cardinals last year:
“The Cardinalate does not mean a promotion, nor an honour, nor a decoration. It is simply a service that widens the eye and enlarges the heart,” he said. 
This could only be achieved by “taking the form of a servant,” the Pope added, and following the way of humility and lowliness. 
He told the cardinal-designates to celebrate their appointment humbly, and to keep far from “worldiness”. 
"You should take up the post with elation and joy but make sure this sentiment is far from any expression of worldliness, any celebrations that are foreign to the evangelical spirit of austerity, sobriety and poverty," he said. - Pope Francis

I like that.

Oh.  I'm probably wrong, so pay no attention.

Pope announces new Cardinals.
Whispers in the Loggia

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  1. From the ends of the earth.

    Pope Francis is untying the knots.


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