Thursday, January 08, 2015

I give the best advice.

Chinese lady say:
"Me too."

"Not to worry." 

It's a very Jewish thing to say - "not to worry" - and it is full of wisdom.

"Don't think about it." 

That works too.

Now here's another one:

"You just think you're gay."

It's similar to:

"You just think you want that."


  1. If people say that turn it around and say, "You just THINK your straight," but suggestively... with a lear..that will be the last time they say can always add on a "And Im just the man to prove it.." but that might be a little over the top.

    Speaking of.., have you heard about that show, "My Husband is Not Gay," thing on TLC? A lot of people are up in arms about it for some reason but since Walking Dead is on hiatus until next month I think it will be Must See TV for a cold Sunday Night.. It looks hilarious....I am sure there will be a lot of purses falling out of Mormon mouths on Sunday Night. And if GLADD is against something I just gotta watch it.

    1. I'm going to have the Chinese lady call you.

      Actually I did see the press on My Husband is Not Gay and I was thinking of writing about that but may not. I don't have cable so I won't be able to watch it.

      You and I disagree on that - but for sure it is not for everybody. Mormons obviously do not have a spirituality of celibacy so I suppose marriage is the only alternative. I dislike that type of spirituality.

      As for gay guys getting married - it works out if they are honest about it - and of course are in love with the wife. It happens - I have friends ... The men really wanted a family and found the right woman. They stopped being 'gay' - through trial and error.

      I've also worked with closeted gay men married to women with families - very sad and sometimes extremely creepy.

      It seems to me most confirmed bachelors do better with celibacy and friendship.

      Then there are many who take their chances and have a husband and kids - What can I say?

      When I was younger I felt deep resentment that my friends were getting married - I wouldn't admit it of course. I felt they were somehow abandoning me - excluding me somehow. They were becoming normal and I was this outsider. I got over that, but the experience suggested to me that many gay people may have some issues with envy and jealousy when it comes to others finding happiness in hetero-normative lifestyles.

      Let me know what you think after watching it - I know you have strong feeling against this - not for the reasons I mentioned above of course.

      Do you think Larry Craig set his purse on the bathroom floor or hung it up on the hook? What?

  2. LOL..Mr. Craig had it in his lap..its a big purse so he needed that wide stance.

    Seeing that this is TLC I expect nothing more then a "Real Mormon Homos," type show...only Bravo shows dont make any pretentious that they have anything redeeming going on..they know their crap and thats why we are watching. TLC will try to act like they presenting real emotional issues... so I don't know if I will have the patience for that.

    As for the real people who do this..yea, I don't get it. I just question how a woman could marry a guy just because he wants a family..not her mind you, but a family. There are many ways to have a family and that doesnt even mean kids have to be involved..lots of lost people out there need a stable base. But to each his own..just cause I don't get it doesnt mean its not of value.

    Closeted gay guys who are active ARE creepy...its too bad that some gay guys get so turned on by their perceived straightness that they allow them to get some and stay, Terry, you and I can host the after show and discuss these issues!


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