Tuesday, January 06, 2015

I like this ...


From Heather King:
You can't be a Catholic for very long without noticing that there are people who are constantly concerned with other people's sins and utterly blind to their own. Their whole orientation of heart is based not on love but on punishment. They mistake their willingness to judge and punish others for religious conviction. There is no love in them and no sense of humor though, off on their little crusade, they are often full of victimized self-pity. 
Christ's whole ministry was dead set against that way of thinking. No-one knew better than Christ that the most dangerous person is the world is the purportedly religious person whose thoughts and actions stem from fear, who self-righteously preens, and who is driven by the desire to punish rather than to love. No-one is more dangerous, more false, more annoying, more blind, and more intransigent in his beliefs than the man who is focused on the sins of another rather than his own. 
In Jesus' time, these folks hounded him like gnats (before nailing him to a cross): following, circling, pressing in, trying to devise "clever" questions to trip him up. At least in those days they had the courage to show their faces. Now they troll cyberspace. - Heather King
I have a feeling Little Therese likes that lady. Just a hunch.


  1. Terry, thanks! My friend Fr. Pat, a huge fan of yours, sent this on. I have a feeling St. Therese has a crush on you, too.

    1. Haha! I hope so. God bless you!

    2. Heather - love your book Shirt of Flame! I had already read it when I went to a Triumph Retreat last October but they were selling it in the book shop at the St. Therese Institute in Bruno, Saskatchewan.

  2. So true and a really hard thing not to do..its easy for me to see the faults in others but its not as easy (i.e. its unpleasant..) to see it in myself..(cause then maybe I would have to do something about it!)

    I can forgive sanctimonious and self righteous but really, at least be funny!


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