Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why is 'dysphoria' more acceptable than 'disorder?

Jon Kortajarena
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If there is no such thing as gender and human beings have evolved to a non-binary state - sort of like angels - then we can have sex with anyone - if they consent, that is.  It's beyond gay, isn't it?  Yeah, it is.  Human nature being what it is will still have to create some sort of caste system all over again though - don't you think?  (Comments are still closed so you can't answer that.)

Back to disordered thoughts...

So why is dysphoria a kinder gentler term than disorder?  I don't think it is.  I think disorder is very informative.  In fact, I don't mind real terms such as, disorder, dysfuntional, dysphoria, dystopia, dis an' dat.  (I hate being serious, but I am lately.)

Self love - inordinate self love - is disordered, it makes me dysfunctional, and causes you to be dysphoric, and therefore life becomes dystopic.  Yes it does.

Yesterday I read something important about self love.  Self love motivates many of us - probably most of us - and it seems to me that is what the Pope is trying to explain half the time we keep asking, "You talkin' to me?!"

So anyway.  Think about this and what you are trying to do to make your dysphoria go away or be accepted and approved ...

"The sin of self love consists in viewing nothing honestly ...

The sin of self love consists in viewing nothing honestly, neither happiness nor even God himself, except in relation to self.  It consists in appropriating all to itself, inasmuch as its one end is its own welfare, and it only looks upon the possession of God, and of his love, as a means to this end.

By this strange confusion (disorientation) love of myself becomes my principle and ruling passion, and the love of God is but a secondary love.

I desire my own happiness and I love myself above all else.  Afterwards I love God, and I desire to possess him as a means necessary to that happiness ... - Fr. Jean-Nicolas Grou, S.J.

After the fall ... disorder.

I like this from St. John-Paul II (Today's meditation in Magnificat.)
The story of the human race, even after the fall - into sin - is a story of constant achievements, which, although always called into question and threatened by sin, are nonetheless repeated, increased, and extended in response to the divine vocation given from the beginning to man and to woman (Gn.1:26-28) and inscribed in the image which they received...  - John Paul II, December 30, 1987 Blessing at St. Peter's
What we have received ...

What we have received from God is not disorder or dysphoria, these came after the fall, adding to the disorientation which continually entices us to reject God's plan, his call, his will for our lives.  As JPII explained, "it is a story which is constantly endangered by reason of infidelity to the Creator's will, and especially by the temptation to idolatry."

Free Fall


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