Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardinal Burke and "normal" Catholic teaching ...

Cardinal Burke said he was reduced to tears by attempts to introduce,
“so-called gender theory” into schools. 

I was reading Fr. Z's post on comments Cardinal Burke made in Ireland and they are just so - right.

Lashing out at the “so-called contraceptive mentality,” he warned it was “anti-life” and blamed it for “the devastation that is daily wrought in our world by the multi-million dollar industry of pornography” and the “incredibly aggressive homosexual agenda,” which he claimed could only result in “the profound unhappiness and even despair of those affected by it.” 
Cardinal Burke said he was reduced to tears by attempts to introduce “so-called gender theory” into schools. 
He warned that such theory was “iniquitous” and that exposing children to such “corrupt thinking” could not be permitted. *
He said “society has gone even further in its affront to God and his law by claiming the name of marriage for liaisons between persons of the same sex.” 
To applause, the cardinal said he refused to use the term traditional marriage for the marriage of a man and a woman. 
“My response is — is there any other kind of marriage? I fear that by using that terminology that we give the impression that we think that there are other kinds of marriage; well, we don’t.” - Source

I totally agree with what Cardinal Burke has to say on these particular issues.  He knows them well.  He knows the dangers posed by gender ideology.  The introduction of gender theory into schools has happened already.  Besides that, students already know these things.  They know.  If they were not taught in school, they pick it up outside of school.  It is the same dynamic which introduced kids to things like gay-straight alliance clubs, and other after school specials.

Then the kids grow up.

*Too late.  It's permitted.