Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ethiopians are back ...

The Bride and Groom leaving at 11:30 AM.
The limo pulled up after this shot*

A wedding.

At 6:30 AM they were outside the church with torches and chanting and singing and drumming - when a stretch limo dropped off the bridegroom ...  They processed into the church with lighted torches.  It was so Biblical.  It is almost 11:00 AM and they are still there.

The wedding was part of the Liturgy.  The community celebrated the wedding.  It. Is. So. Scriptural!

The chant this morning was awesome - it reminded me of the Carthusian chant - solemn, low, monotone.

The Ethiopians even 'dance' a little.  They sing and chant.  They applaud.  But their reverence and adoration is awesome.  Talk about 'active participation'.  I mentioned before they wear coverings over their clothes - white, the women often wear traditional Ethiopian clothes and veil.  At first glance they all look like Missionaries of Charity in white saris.

Google photo.

Catholic liturgists could learn so much - especially about restoring the traditional solemnity of the  Roman Rite.  No need to add modern fluff to an already magnificent liturgy.

As for the wedding - I didn't see any special 'bridal touches' by the 'bridal party' - if you know what I mean.  No special environmental touches or romantic decor added to the liturgical celebration.  They may do such things in larger churches or other places, I just didn't see anything like that today.

The Apostle St. Philip and the Ethiopian.

*I cropped the photo since the church is on the alley and all you see is a row of garages.  We've had so many storms - most of the boulevard trees are gone - so it looks unlandscaped.


  1. I love it! Thanks for the photo.

    I've been attending, periodically, the Thursday night Adoration and Divine Liturgy at a Chaldean parish near me. I've been to a few Divine Liturgies, including Ukranian, and you are right. We can learn much from them.

  2. We have fallen so far away from traditional processions that Catholics can't even do parades very well. All the Catholic floats look amateurish compared to the Protestant floats.


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